A WOMAN is urging people to stay at home after her partner died alone in self-isolation after developing coronavirus symptoms.

Donna Cuthbert, of Colwyn Bay, said her partner Tim Galley, 47, was isolating at home in his Wrexham flat when he started to develop mild symptoms.

This meant he was unable to see his family for fear of being infected due to UK Government advice.

Donna said: “I just want people to take the advice to stay safe at home and not take any risks.

“My amazing Tim didn’t want to waste the NHS time so chose not to phone and get help and rather stayed at home in isolation thinking he would get better.

“It’s heart-breaking that he just wouldn’t wake up. I genuinely want people to see the real Tim Galley and the love he’s received from over North Wales.”

It is believed that Mr Galley, who worked at M&S Bank, had no underlying health conditions but sadly passed away in his home on Tuesday.

Ms Cuthbert asked a neighbour to check on him after he had not returned any of her calls and he was found in his bed.

Rhyl Journal:

Ms Cuthbert paid tribute to the man who was her ‘future’, adding: “My beloved best friend, my soul mate, my future and my partner Tim sadly passed away with suspected Coronavirus .

“Tim gave me so much love, happiness and amazing times. He was so very special to Me, Danni, Jordan, Ryan, Gemma and pops to Olivia and Ariyah and won’t get to meet Ryan and Maxine’s baby.

“Olivia is so broken hearted as Tim was her bestest friend and the love they shared was so beautiful to see - he was her Timmy Whimmy as she called him.

"Tim is a brother to Nikki and Keith and uncle to his adorable niece Jasmine who he loved so much."

“Please, please will you all take the advice and stay indoors and follow the rules this virus is serious and taking our loved ones.

“Myself and my children have no symptoms and haven’t been in contact with Tim for 11 days so we are praying it doesn’t take any more lives of our loved ones

“Tim, my best friend, my world, I’m going to miss you. My heart is broken into shattered pieces and my kids are truly devastated. I really don’t know how we will get through.

“Stay safe everyone. Tim followed the guidelines and took the precautions but still somehow this cruel, cruel virus we think took him. Rip Tim I’ll love you forever.”

Tributes have been pouring in for the ‘much-loved’ Wrexham man who ‘always had a smile on his face’.

A spokesman for Lyons Pendyffryn Hall said on social media: “It is with great sadness that we learn Tim, a much loved member of the Pendyffryn Hall family has passed away following a period of illness.

“Tim was well liked on site, he enjoyed a pint in the bar, always had a smile on his face and was always happy. He was willing to help anyone and is someone we will miss dearly.”

A spokesman for the Royal, Barmouth, added: “You couldn’t meet a more lovelier guy. We are so thankful and privileged to have had the pleasure of meeting him. We are so very sorry and very sad on the tragic loss of Tim, for Donna and their families and friends. We need people to realise this is very real and taking the lives of our loved ones.”