Speeders not heeding advice

POLICE have said drivers travelling at high speeds on the roads of North Wales could be taking advantage of less traffic due to the coronavirus lockdown.

North Wales Police’s Roads Policing Unit said motorists including bikers have been speeding despite a nationwide lockdown was ordered by Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday.

Mr Johnson has given police powers to issue fines to members of the public who are caught travelling for non-essential purposes.

The force said it will continue its presence on the roads and urged members of the public to travel safely at a time when the NHS is being stretched.

A police spokesperson said: “Despite being asked to stay at home, we are still seeing people drive at high speeds on some of our roads – this includes motorcycles too.

“Maybe it’s because there’s less traffic on the roads? Maybe it’s because some are still taking advantage of the good weather? There is no excuse.

“Enforcement will continue. We are still out there keeping an eye on the roads. Please heed the warning.

“The last thing we need is to deal with a road traffic collision. Our NHS colleagues are under extreme pressure. Don’t add to it.”