A HISTORIAN has obtained a 'incredibly rare' bound volume of The Rhyl Leader.

Stuart Jones snapped up the volume on ebay for £25. It contains 365 pages and dates covered are from August 1941 to 1942.

Mr Jones said: "It’s like gold dust for me looking back at an era like this as I was born in 1981.

Rhyl Journal:

The rare find. All pictures: Stuart Jones

"I like to read the old Rhyl Police stories and what people got up to in them days. Stories include a woman being drunk and disorderly in the early hours, resisting arrest on Vale road bridge, whistles blown joined by more police to carry her off to sleep the night in a local cell before appearing before a judge in court on a Monday morning and fined five shillings for disorderly conduct,

Rhyl Journal:

"I came across the giant bound volume on ebay. It contains 365 pages, maybe more from August 16 1941 to August 8 1942. The bound volume book is 20 inches by 11 inches.

"The Rhyl Leader bound volume has changed a lot as to how it is today.

"It contains old adverts, what’s in the theatres, old adverts of shops now long gone, sports sections, obituaries, war time news and pictures mocking Hitler.

Rhyl Journal:

"There are also wedding notices, Rhyl and district news, children’s corner, Rhyl general news, the living word of God, old advertising for selling items, like furniture, tables, beds, dressing tables, kitchen ware, appliances, chairs, ration book advertising, police court news, charity drives for Rhyl RNLI and news, pre paid advertising, various banks, Christmas stories, health and household, gardening, and other news from various districts."

Mr Jones, who established up the Facebook group 'We Love Old Rhyl' [now run by Glenn Mitchell and Graeme Rich], has been collected Rhyl memorabilia for a number of years.