THIS tale was so popular on Facebook that I thought I'd share it with you guys.

Our decorator came to the house recently to do some work for us. I haven’t seen him all year. What a surprise!

Wow, he’s lost to stone.

Chiselled jawline. Slim waist. Looks loads younger. Blimey!

Me being me – of course – I asked him the B2Qs (Big Two Questions).

1. HOW did he do it?

2. WHY did he do it?

I always ask when I meet a successful loser. Its my job to know, so I can pass tips to my crew.

So, here goes...

Are you ready for answer one?

He lost two stone by giving up crisps. And changing his lunch (more about that in a minute).

So then WHY did he take action? What was the one thing?

There’s always one thing, by the way, which propels people to weight loss success.

It was his son.

His son was diagnosed with a life limiting disease and has himself now lost an incredible four stone.

Yeah, he started for his son.

Then he carried on for HIM because he loved feeling slimmer, more energetic, and his knees not hurting any more.

All by stopping crisps.

So how many bags a day was he having?

Five. He was having five - or more - bags of crisps a day.

So, that alone made an enormous difference to his 'rubbish calorie' intake.

For him, it was all about the work lunches.

He’s a domestic decorator and takes a packed lunch to work with him.

He was unable to think past sandwiches. I know this applies to a lot of us.

Once he realised there were options that would taste just as good, he started eating them instead.

And, boom, he got well deserved results.

So, here’s some sandwich and crisp-free ideas for your lunches.

1. Wraps and sandwiches.

Use the best quality seeded brown breads. Maybe have an 'open' sandwich. Just changing the filling can help too. Fill with a good healthy protein source – tuna, hummus, salmon, peanut butter and lots of salad stuff.

2. Wholemeal pasta or couscous salad.

Pre-cook pasta, add some protein like tofu chunks, salmon, ham, or cashews – plus tomatoes, beetroot, spring onions etc. Dress with a little olive oil and balsamic.

3. Oatcakes.

A lovely alternative to bread. Try with avocado, pesto or cottage cheese.

4. Soup.

Make a lovely home-made nutritious lentil / vegetable based soup. A meal in itself.

5. Jacket Potatoes – fillings as above.

If you have access to a microwave, this one can work well.

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