A CHARITY music group who aim to bring a sense of 'joy and fun' to those residing in community care is hitting all the right notes.

The Breakaways, a charity focused musical group, was established in July 2019.

Paul Daniel leads the Rhyl group which plays to residents in care homes and sheltered accommodation around the area.

The group are now hoping to raise awareness about their ensemble.

Paul said: "Our elders and disabled residents in care, whilst protected, can also be isolated by their residency in care, and the community in many cases has to go to them to lighten their lives rather than the residents travelling about in search of entertainment.

"Whilst residential homes indeed seek to bring in entertainers, it is mostly at cost to very slim budgets, and freely given events are quite often few and far between through lack of available and willing parties to give time and skills freely, and also not in a position to give time to these ventures.

"I have led the group from its inception. We all feel that as well as our ‘hobby’, performing for the community gives us a great feeling of satisfaction that in some way we are bringing a sense of fun and joy to those residing in community care and take pleasure in their appreciation."

The group is made up of seven members with talents in a range of instruments.

There are also two female singers.

"We play appropriate genres and eras to bring something to everyone in care homes that they can recognise and trigger memories of times past," Paul added.

"Music therapy is a recognised memory aid to those who are aged, and also to those suffering from the onset of dementia.

"We do not specifically perform with that as a focus, but recognise that it has some worth to those caring for all residents in care."

The group is almost booked up for the year, but for enquiries email padaniel@hotmail.co.uk or telephone 07555982745.