A car passenger was banned for dangerous driving after trying to stop his girlfriend going “quickly and erratically” on a dual carriageway – by pulling the handbrake.

Adam Cleary, 35, of Darlington Street, Tyldesley, Manchester, had been scared of her driving but accepted “it wasn’t my brightest move,” defence solicitor Nia Dawson told magistrates at Llandudno.

Prosecutor James Neary said it was an “unusual” case. The Vauxhall Corsa had been on the A55 at Abergele last July when it skidded into the central barrier, and spun out of control, ending up down an embankment.

“It’s very fortunate for the defendant the Vauxhall didn’t collide with any vehicle or cause any injuries,” the prosecutor remarked.

Police had attended the scene and his partner faced prosecution for careless driving.

“He said he was the passenger and having an argument with his partner,” Mr Neary said. “She sped up and was driving erratically.”

Cleary had apologised to the police for “stupidly” pulling the handbrake and acknowledged the risk caused to road users.

Cleary admitted dangerous driving. He was banned for 18 months and must take an extended test, pay £175 costs and do 150 hours unpaid work.

Mrs Dawson said :”He accepts when he pulled the handbrake he did take control of the vehicle and is therefore guilty of the offence. He tells me, as he told the police, he and his partner

had been for a day out.

“They had a row and she started driving quickly and erratically. He was scared. She was going across the lanes. He was begging her to slow down and calm down.”

A probation officer said they’d been to Colwyn Bay and argued on their way home. But the couple were still in a relationship.

Cleary worked in a flour mill.