ABOUT 300 people in Denbighshire have signed a petition to help keep pubs doors open.

Vale of Clwyd MP, Dr James Davies has joined residents pledging support for the ‘Long Live the Local’ Campaign to give pubs a leg up by cutting beer tax.

Across the rest of the UK more than 240,000 people have signed the petition, while Dr Davies has signed a letter to Chancellor Sajid Javid calling on him to remove the inflationary increases for beer duty and ease the tax burden on pubs.

Dr Davies, a member of the Campaign for Real Ale, said: "Pubs are at the heart of communities across the Vale of Clwyd, but with three British pubs closing their doors for good every day the Government should consider a cut to beer tax.

" I've received many emails from constituents about this campaign, abnd 316 people is certainly an encouraging start

The 74 pubs in the Vale of Clwyd pay a total of £10.9m in taxes supporting 902 jobs and contributing £17.8million to the area’s economy.

Dr Davies added: “Pubs are good for jobs, tourism and the community. Increasingly our town centres are going to have to focus on their leisure facilities, and we don't want to have to lose what we already have.

"Of course, cuts to pubs and breweries that are doing well could benefit the consumer, but equally this could help pubs that are really struggling.

"While as a doctor I certainly don't support people drinking to excess, but I have spoken to the chief medical officer and I do believe that pubs are good for socialising, bringing people together and fostering happiness in the community."

To view the petition visit longlivethelocal.pub.