A SEAL pub attacked by youths with stones in Pensarn is thriving and has even been given a new name.

At RSPCA Stapeley Grange Wildlife Centre the seal, which as rescued by dog walkers last week after being separated from his mother, has been described as a "real fighter".

He has since been re-Christened 'Bladderwrack' at the centre as part of its underwater plant theme.

A spokesperson for the RSCPA said: "He has been enjoying fish soup and now staff are trialling fish with him. He has finished his medication and is having salt baths. He is still snotty though so they are hoping this will clear up soon.

"We'd like to urge that if anyone should find an injured seal they should stay at a safe distance and keep dogs well away, as seals can have a very nasty bite. They can report an animal in distress to us via our 24-emergency helpline 0300 1234 999. "