CUTE hedgehogs have been individual created to raise much needed funds for charity.

The animals were made by Welsh learners crafting group - Celf a Chrefft Popeth Cymraeg - from Prestatyn. The soft creations will be sold to raise money for Hedgehog Help Prestatyn.

Tracy Pierce, who runs Hedgehog Help Prestatyn, said: "These crafted hedgehogs are beautifully made and all so individual. Many have already been sold, raising vital funds to enable us to care for the 78 hedgehogs in care over the Winter.

"This is the highest number we have had since setting up three years ago, mainly due to public awareness that hedgehogs shouldn’t be out during the day and getting help for those that are under 650g late Autumn/ Winter."

Tracy, whose main goal is to set up a hedgehog hospital, said the spiny mammals are currently coming out in all weathers.

The former nurse/farmer, who is married to Mark, added: "They are struggling due to climate change. They no longer have defined hibernation periods and are coming out in all weathers looking for food.

"Sadly, their natural supply of bugs, beetles, caterpillars, insects are not available and they have to eat slugs, snails and worms, which despite popular belief, are not their favourite choice. These are the host of internal parasites such as Lungworm, Roundworm and Fluke which weaken the hedgehog and many die."

Tracy, a member of the British Hedgehog Preservation Society and registered carer, takes in poorly, underweight, injured and orphaned hedgehogs.

She rehabilitates the hedgehogs and when ready, releases them back to the wild.

Money raised through selling the knitted hedgehogs will go towards buying foods, medications and equipment.

"We couldn’t possibly manage without our fabulous volunteers, foster carers, crafters and donations," Tracy added.

"Hedgehogs are disappearing at an alarming rate.

"Our main goal is to set up a hedgehog 'hospital', as there is no such facility in North Wales."

Tracy is encouraging residents to help hedgehogs by providing food and water all year round.

Visit Hedgehog Help Prestatyn on Facebook or telephone 01745 856181.

The crafting group meet every Wednesday afternoon in term time, at the Jolly Sailor Prestatyn. Crafting starts at 2.30pm after a Welsh quiz.