Elfed Williams, the Plaid Cymru candidate in Clwyd West, has responded to the result in Clwyd West where the Conservatives regained the seat.

“The majority of the electorate have voted and have decided to send David Jones the Conservative candidate back to Westminster.  The decision of the electorate must now be respected, and it is inevitable that Brexit under Boris Johnson will be enacted as he has pledged. 

"The feedback I was getting on the doorstep was that the majority of people in Clwyd West wanted Brexit but not the hard Brexit some of the Conservative members were proposing.

"My hope is that Boris Johnson will take this opportunity with his majority to actually soften his stance and deliver a Brexit that is less damaging”.

“On a personal note I would like to thank those that gave me their supported enabling me to retain and even marginally increasing the percentage of our vote in a very difficult election where the focus was on the fight between the Conservative and Labour party. 

"We fought a hard but fair campaign and many people, even many from the opposition parties, commented that they were attracted to my message especially on the environment, transport, mental health issues and zero hours contracts.”

Mr Williams added: “This election was very disappointing for Labour and especially in Clwyd West where their mixed messages on various issues meant their vote went down 5.6%. 

"They will be especially concerned that with our vote holding up so well and coming second in the last Welsh Assembly elections that it will be Plaid Cymru challenging the Conservatives for Clwyd West in that elections in 18 months’ time”.