DR JAMES Davies has re-claimed the Vale of Clwyd seat back off Labour's Chris Ruane.

Dr Davies (Welsh Conservative) received 17,270 votes; Mr Ruane received 15,443; Gavin Scott (Welsh Liberal Democrats) 1,471; Peter Dain (Brexit Party) 1,477 and Glenn Swingler (Plaid Cymru) collected 1,552.

Rhyl Journal: James Davies took the Vale of Clwyd seat with 17,270 votesJames Davies took the Vale of Clwyd seat with 17,270 votes

Mr Ruane has served the consistency for 22 years. He had a break of two years when Dr Davies took the seat during the election in 2015. Mr Ruane then took the seat back in 2017. 

Speaking about his win, Dr Davies said: "I would like to thank all those in the constituency for supporting me tonight. It really means an awful lot. I will not let you down. I will work extremely hard for you. Thank you.

Rhyl Journal: Chris Ruane (Labour) has served the Vale of Clwyd for 22 yearsChris Ruane (Labour) has served the Vale of Clwyd for 22 years

"I would also like to thank everyone in this room. Returning officer, the counting staff, polling staff, the police."

Dr Davies then turned his attention to Mr Ruane.

"Chris has served this constituency with distinction for 20 years and he deserves huge credit for that.

"I of course thank my family, including my late granddad who sadly died earlier this year. He really introduced me into politics.

"Now being a December election this has been tough for everyone in this room. Christmas has been on hold but finally there is an end to the campaign trail.

"Nadolig Llawen. Merry Christmas to all."

Mr Ruane thanked his wife Jill for her support.

He said: "I must give a special thank you to my agent Jill, who is also my wife, and my two daughters.

"I think we have had one of the most professional campaigns in the whole of Wales.

"Thank you to my team of hundreds of volunteers who have given endless hours, days if not weeks for this campaign. It has been a clean, local fight. Not nationally.

"I have represented this constituency now for 22 years on and off. Two years off, 20 years on. It feels like deja vu all over again (2015) when James won.

"It has been a pleasure to represent the constituency, one of the most beautiful constituencies in the United Kingdom.

"My family go back to the 1670s. This constituency is in my blood, it is in my bones. It has been a pleasure to represent it. Beautiful landscape, beautiful culture.

"It has been a pleasure representing it and I wish James Davies well in his role over the next five years."

Turn out was 37,297 (66 per cent). Slightly down from 2017.