SCHOOL children from Ysgol Llywelyn met with the Children's Commissioner for Wales.

Head boys and girls - Olivia Muller, Maisy Hammond, Toby Jones and Joe Jones - met Sally Holland at the event at Venue Cymru, Llandudno.

The commissioner and her team hosted schools from across North Wales to promote the work on driving the United Nations Children's Rights and extend the right of Pupil Voice.

Olivia said, "She's really nice and she's good at helping children to know their rights and to speak out for children."

Of the day, Toby added, "The day was enjoyable and the workshops helped us to realise how important that Children's Rights are, and that not all children in the world get them."

Geraint Rowe, teacher at the school, said: "This initiative which we have taken part in for a number of years now is important to promote our Pupil Voice in school. Pupils get the opportunity to discuss the rights and to help ensure them for all children, such as taking part in activities like Children in Need."