PLANS to upgrade a chemical processing plant in Flintshire look set to be approved.

Warwick Chemicals wants to increase the height of its current facility on the Coast Road in Mostyn to allow new processing equipment to be installed.

The company employs 160 people at the site, which sits close to the Dee Estuary, and is one of the main global manufacturers of an additive used in detergent and biocide products.

Representatives said the changes would reduce the amount of waste generated by the plant.

The application has now been recommended to go ahead by a senior official from Flintshire Council with no objections received against the scheme.

In a report, Chief planning officer Andrew Farrow said: “The site has been a chemical processing facility for over 40 years.

“Over the years, the site has been in operation various modifications, extensions and changes have occurred as business has developed, new technologies emerged and increased legislative requirements having to be incorporated.

“In summary, it is considered that the proposed development is acceptable.

“Whilst the works would fall foul of the permitted development rights, and thus require this submission of this application, the resultant changes are located within the confines of the well-established industrial complex.

“The scale of the total cumulative development would be in keeping with both the site and its surroundings.”

The company said the plans would deliver a number of benefits in documents submitted to the council.

They added the proposals would have no negative impact on the surrounding area.

They said: “As part of the site’s on-going safety and environmental improvement program, new processing technology was installed and commissioned between 2013-15.

“Additional works are now required to further improve the original changes and ensure the site’s long-term future.

“The proposed development once successfully commissioned, will allow the decommissioning of existing aging equipment.

“This will reduce the inventory of in-process hazardous chemicals and reduce the overall process safety risk profile on site.

“The proposed changes will not affect the type of use of the Mostyn site facility nor the overall site foot print.”

The application will be considered by the local authority’s planning committee at a meeting on Wednesday.