Ruthin primestock sale - November 26

RUTHIN Farmers' Auction reports sales of 2,394 prime lambs to £2.659ppk / £110 and 345 cull ewes and rams to £125.

New season lambs:

A good entry with it also being the Royal Welsh winter fair week.

Best quality lambs were in demand and there was a brisk trade on all others.

Contact Elfor Morris to discuss the trade, or just take your lambs to the auction anytime between 6am and 10am.

Lambs are also required on Fridays.

Top priced:

Light lambs: 201.6ppk by E Owens, Sarphle and £61.50 from the same vendor.

Standard lambs: 231.6ppk by L Williams, Hendre and £88 from the same vendor.

Medium lambs: 265.9ppk by Jones Bros, Caerweirglodd and £109 from the same vendor.

Heavy lambs: 234.0ppk by Jones Bros, Caerweirglodd and £110 from the same vendor.

Light to 201.6, Average 185.8; Standard to 231.6 Average 185.7; Medium to 265.9, Average 194.1; Heavy to 234.0, Average 187.1; Overall Average 189.5; SQQ 191.7.

Cull ewes and rams (auctioneer - Paul Roberts):

Top priced rams / ewes: £125 by Harri Williams, Bron Eyarth.

Texel rams to £125; Texel ewes to £85; Welsh Rams to £55; Welsh ewes to £35; Cross Bred ewes to £80; Beltex Rams to £70; Mule Ewes to £60; Overall Ewes / Rams Average £43.45.

St Asaph livestock market - November 21

NEW season lambs (2,295):

A much reduced entry were an excellent trade.

All classes, breeds and types were in great demand throughout.

Top price Light - 187p/kg shown by R W Jones, Cae Isa and £75/head shown by J G Jones, Plas Piggot.

Top price Standard - 256p/kg shown by J G Jones, Plas Piggot and £100/head shown by the same vendor.

Top price Medium - 276p/kg shown by O T & H C Williams, Hendre Blaenau and £117/head shown by A Jones, Camaes.

Top price Heavy - 238p/kg shown by J G Jones, Plas Piggot and £112/head shown by the same vendor.

Top price Overweight - 196p/kg shown by G O Lloyd, Bryn Goleu and £108/head shown by H M Williams, Henblas; SQQ 194.79.

Light ave 173.80p/kg to 187.00p/kg to £75.00/hd; Standard ave 186.38p/kg to 256.00p/kg to £100.00/hd; Medium ave 199.83p/kg to 276.00p/kg to £117.00/hd; Heavy ave 193.81p/kg to 238.00p/kg to £112.00/hd; Overweight ave 177.90p/kg to 196.00p/kg to £109.00/hd.

Cull ewes and rams (583):

A better trade on all types of ewes, with the best reaching £140/head, Welsh ewes to £51/head and rams to £152/head.

Ewes to £140.00 ave £58.86; Rams to £152.00 ave £59.78.

Mold primestock sale - November 25


Top 10 Beef 212.60 (1356.52).

Prime Cattle (156 entries - 54 hfrs, 85 strs, 17 bulls):

Heifers (under 30m): Heavy Continental Heifers to 221 (1403.35), Av 186.24; Medium Continental Heifers to 209, Av 188.36; Light Continental Heifers to 200, Av 192; Heavy Native Heifers to 190, Av 170.37; Medium Native Heifers to 189, Av 165.50; Light Native Heifers to 160, Av 160; Heavy Friesian Heifers to 138, Av 138; Medium Friesian Heifers to 124, Av 122.

Steers (under 30m): Heavy Continental Steers to 210 (1397.40), Av 180.73; Medium Continental Steers to 225 (1440), Av 191.13; Light Continental Steers to 200, Av 184.60; Heavy Native Steers to 160, Av 159.50; Medium Native Steers to 195, Av 173.72; Light Native Steer to 170, Av 157.50; Heavy Friesian Steers to 134, Av 134; Medium Friesian Steers to 165, Av 155.67; Light Friesian Steers to 120, Av 103.75.

Bulls (under 30m): Heavy Continental Bulls 180, Av 180; Medium Continental Bulls to 190, Av 187; Light Continental Bulls to 125, Av 125; Medium Native Bulls to 188, Av 173.50; Light Native Bulls to 179, Av 179; Heavy Friesian Bulls to 148 (1028.60), Av 144.33; Medium Friesian Bulls to 134, Av 122.

Heifers (30-36m): Heavy Continental Heifers to 177, Av 171.50; Heavy Native Heifers to 169, Av 160.67.

Steers (30-36m): Heavy Continental Steers to 170, Av 166; Medium Continental Steers to 189, Av 170; Heavy Native Steers to 161, Av 160.50; Medium Native Steers to 165, Av 163.33; Medium Friesian Steers to 120, Av 120; Light Friesian Steers to 105, Av 105.

Heifers (over 36m): Heavy Friesian Heifers to 110, Av 110.

Steers (over 36m): Heavy Native Steers to 110, Av 110.

Cull cows (81 entries - 63 dairy, 18 beef):

Young beef cows to 170, 169 (1140.75), (1037) etc; Aged Beef cows to 140, 137 (994.30), (959) etc; Top 10 Beef Cows Av 133.80; Overall beef cow av 112.10; Dairy cow to 111, 110, (843.60), (830.50) etc; Overall dairy cow av 83.10.

Cull bulls (3 entries): GA to 90; HO to 81.

Lambs (200 entries):

Standard to 200, Av 192.70; Medium to 198, Av 188; Heavy to 182, Av 177.20; Sqq 188.30.

Ewes: Ewes to 80, Av 65.66.

Llanrwst market - November 26

THERE was an excellent entry of lambs, with a higher percentage of light lambs forward meeting a strong demand.

Welsh 28kg to £54 (193ppk)!

Medium second quality lambs were harder to sell, while cull ewes were a fast trade to £101.

Lambs (1,163):

S/lights (13) to 170p, av 170p; Lights (357) to 193p, av 178p; Standards (293) to 206p, av 183p; Mediums (386) to 212p, av 183p; Heavy (96) to 200p, av 178p; Overs (18) to 165p, av 158p.

Ewes (83):

Xbred to £101; Welsh to £38.

Beef (7):

Fri steers to 140p; Limx hfrs to 180p; OTM heifers to 175p.

Highest priced:

Lambs (ppk): AC & MO Jones, Carreg Coediog, Pentrefoelas Rd, Betws y Coed.

Lambs (per head): G & E Jones, Garthbigau, Nant y Rhiw, Llanrwst and G Roberts, Carreg y Fran, Siloam, Betws y Coed.

Beef (ppk): C W Davies, Coedy Bryn, Llansannan, Denbigh.

Beef (per head): H Hughes a'i fab, Ddolcastell, Rowen, Conwy.

Dolgellau market - November 22

FARMERS Marts reports entries of 10 breeding cows, and calf and in-calvers, and 2,076 store sheep - including 244 cast ewes and rams, and 1,832 store and ewe lambs.

Prices: Limousin Cows with Lim Calf to £800; Pedigree Welsh Black Cows with Lim Calf to £990; Limousin x Second Calver with strong Lim Calf to £2080; Limousin x Second Calver with Charolais Calf to £1880; Pedigree Welsh Black Cows with Welsh Black Calf to £1060; Welsh Black in Calf Heifers to £990; Welsh Black x in Calf Heifers to £880; Welsh Cast Ewes to £36.40 Welsh Rams to £44; Speckled Face Cast Ewes to £37 Speckled Face Rams to £37; Crossbred Cast Ewes to £54 Crossbred Yrl Rams to £145; Welsh Store Lambs to £55; Welsh Ewe Lambs to £42; Strong Welsh Store Lambs to £69.40; Crossbred Ewe Lambs to £66.40; Crossbred Store Lambs to £65.40; Speckled Face Ewe Lambs to £55.

Bryncir primestock sale - November 27

BRYNCIR Auction reports an entry of 624 lambs, 109 cull ewes and 20 cull



Lights to 195p by I H Hughes, Bryn Eithinog; Standard to 190p by H Griffith, Castell, Pentir; Medium to 187p by G E Roberts, Caeau Gwynion; Heavy to 180p.

Cull ewes:

Crossbred Ewes to £88 G Jones, Penrallt Neigwl; Welsh to £60; Cull rams to £80.

Cull cows:

Aberdeen Angus to 129p by W H & E Jones, Hendy, Pistyll; Charolais to 126p E Griffith, Ynys Wen; Lim to 121p M/S Williams, Ysgubor Goch; Belgian Blue to 120p A W Hughes, Bryn Hudfa.

Ruthin store and breeding stock sale - November 21

RUTHIN Farmers' Auction reports sales of 132 cattle to £1,205; two cows and calves to £1,360; 69 calves to £375; three stirks to £650; six OTM cattle to £1,123.20; 1,574 store lambs to £91 and 10 breeding ewes to £68.

Calves (auctioneer: Dafydd Parry):

BB Bulls to £375; BB Heifers to £270; Lim Bulls to £360; Char Bulls to £350; Char Heifers to £250; AA Bulls to 350; AA Heif to £275.

Store cattle (auctioneers: Emyr Lloyd and Glyn Owens):

Heifers: 19m Charolais x £1,065 by W J Williams, Ty Ddewi; 25m Limousin to £1,060; 15m Limousin to £860; 19m Simmental to £855; 29m Hereford to £900; 21m Brit Blue to £930; 16m Charolais to £875.

Steers: 16m Charolais to £1,205 by T W Edwards, Ty Ucha; 17m Charolais to £1,170; 19m Simmental to £1,010; 13m Limousin £980; 22m Bri Blue to £1,050.

OTM cattle:

A 33 month Lim cow weighing 660kg achieved £1.62. A 66 month Lim cow weighing 720kg achieved £1.56. A 125 month Lim cow weighing 690kg achieved £1.48.

Sheep section:

Store lambs: Over 1,500 store lambs returned an overall average of £52.50, with prices ranging from £26 to £91.

A lot of stronger top lambs from £68 to £76 and ewe lambs for breeding from £76 to £91.

Welsh lambs in demand ranging from long term lambs in the late £30s early £40s, to the strongest types from the early £40s to mid £50s.

Plenty of buyers are in attendance for short and long term keep lambs on a weekly basis.

Store ewes:

Cross bred ewes to £68.

St Asaph livestock market - November 23

NEW season lambs (704):

A better trade again on lambs with all sorts in demand.

Top price was £97/head from D Roberts, Fron Hill.

Super Super Light ave 125.91p/kg to 136.00p/kg to £22.50/hd; Super Light ave 154.84p/kg to 188.00p/kg to £48.00/hd; Light ave 174.13p/kg to 207.00p/kg to £63.00/hd; Standard ave 172.13p/kg to 205.00p/kg to £72.50/hd; Medium ave 167.33p/kg to 180.00p/kg to £74.50/hd; Heavy ave 175.42p/kg to 187.00p/kg to £97.00/hd.

Old ewes (1):

Ewes to £54.00/hd.

Mold stock sale - November 22

IT was another good sale with pleasing numbers for late November.

Trade is still holding up for cattle.

The dairy trade improved on the previous week, with more buyers in attendance.

Continental calves were sharper, although B&Ws were still hard to place.

Store cattle (193 entries): AA str (29m) to 1090; BB str (22m) to 1085; LIM str (23m) to 1055; Char str (22m) to 1050; BSH str (23m) to 990; HER str (23m) to 890; WB str (17m) to 800; BS str (19m) 765; NRW str (18m) to 750; BF str (23m) to 730; Monty str (22m) to 710; HF str (20m) to 670; WB hfrs (22m) to 970; AA hfrs (23m) to 945; BA hfrs (21m) to 880; LIM hfr (22m) to 850; CHAR hfrs (19m) to 830; HER hfrs (22m) to 800; BB hfrs (19m) to 790.

Stirks (65 entries): LIM strs (9m) to 740; BB strs (10m) to 650; BF str (11m) to 450; AA str (9m) to 425; Lim hfr (10m) to 540; BB hfrs (8m) to 425; AA hfrs (8m) to 420.

Dairy (13 entries):

Heifers: HF cvd hfr to 1800, others to 1720, 1650, 1550, 1520, 1500.

Calves (79 entries):

Bulls: SIM bull to 295; Lim bull to 280; BB bull to 225; AA bull to 145; Her bull to 120; Monty bull to 68; HOL bull to 68; HF bull to 43; BF bull to 42.

Heifers: SIM hfr to 240; BB hfr to 205; LIM hfr to 195; CHAR hfr to 185; Her hfr to 95; AA hfr to 80.

Bryncir primestock sale - November 20

BRYNCIR Auction reports an entry of 1,077 lambs, 126 cull ewes and 15 cull


Another strong trade on all lambs forward with plenty of demand.

Cull ewes were dearer, with cull cows holding their ground well.


Lights to 191p by G H Lloyd, Castellcoed; Standard to 192p by Anne Franz; Medium to 190p by G Edwards, Bwlch Ffordd; Heavy to 183p.

Cull ewes:

Texel ewes to £109 by D H Jones, Maes Mawr; Crossbred to £90 by M/S Jones, Ty Newydd, Abersoch; Mules to £88; Welsh to £58; Cull rams to £85.

Cull cows:

Charolais to 126p by GF & D Jones, Tocia; B/Blue to 126p by G C Roberts, Maenllwyd; Stab to 125p by M & G Parry, Orsedd Fawr; Saler to 124p by D Thomas, Faeldref; Lim to 120p; Dairy to 104p.

Welshpool sale - November 25

Barren and cull cows (41)

A similar number of OTM cattle were on offer from the previous week, seeing a top price of £1432.26 (146ppkg) for a Charolais OTM weighing in at 981kg from EJ & AJ Roberts, Longlands.

I & DW Davies, Gwern Y Bwlch made 140ppkg for a Limousin x weighing 671kg, making £939.40.

Younger cows (48-72 months) topped at £1030.40 (128ppkg) for a Charolais x weighing 805kg from RO Williams & Sons, Tymawr.

MP Adams, Foxholes Farm made 124ppkg for a Limousin x weighing 809kg, making £1003.16.

Heifers under 48 months topped at £909.15 (145ppkg) for a heifer weighing 627kg from H Hughes & Son, Hendy.

TE Lewis & Son, Abergwenlas also made 145ppkg for a heifer weighing 524kg, making £759.80.

Averages of the day were as follows:

OTM Cows (28) 105.85ppkg / £718.44; OTM Bull (1) 105ppkg / £966; Cows 48-72 Months (6) 121.69ppkg / £886.73; Heifers Under 48 months (5) 136.52ppkg / £828.69; Steer Under 48 months (1) 100ppkg / £389; Overall Average 111.6ppkg.

Prime lambs (4,776)

A reduced entry of lambs forward sold to return an average of 189.5ppkg, with a top price of 219ppkg for pen of lambs weighing 33.5kg from T & B Williams, Cilmawr, and £108/head for 60kg lambs from EL Evans & Co, Green Farm.

Overall, it was a very good competitive trade for all weights and grades of lambs, with a large number of buyers present creating strong prices throughout.

Yet again, the best quality, better bred lambs sold to a flying trade, with plenty of pens selling to above 200ppkg, with the day's top price being 219ppkg.

Heavy weight lambs, especially the well bred continental tup lambs, sold to a very good demand, with any 50 kilo+ lambs generally selling between £90 and £100.

The best trade of the day was for the supermarket weight lambs (45-50 kilos) with these again selling well above the current dead weight price. Export weight lambs also sold to a very strong demand, as did the lighter weight lambs, with still quite a lot of these going back out as store lambs for further finishing.

Entries of all weights of well fleshed lambs are encouraged every week. Hopefully this strong demand for all lambs will continue.

Lights (673) to 192ppkg from EG & MR Griffiths, Gilfach. Others to 190ppkg from E Jones, Cefn Coch Isaf and R Evans & Partners, Hafodyfoel. Average of 182.07ppkg.

Standards (924) to 219ppkg from T & B Williams, Cilmawr. Others to 205ppkg from DW Davies & Co, Peniarth. Average of 187.81ppkg.

Mediums (1641) to 214ppkg from FW Humphreys & Sons, Brook House Farm. Others to 213ppkg from DR Owen & Sons, Sandilands and T & B Williams, Cilmawr. Average of 192.39ppkg.

Heavies (1292) to 207ppkg from TK Robinson, Tynewydd. Others to 203ppkg from MG & MN Hanselman. Average of 188.68ppkg.

Cull ewes (1,373):

The week saw a reduced entry of cull sheep, which met a stronger trade with an average of £58.35.

There was an average show of sheep, with both equal amounts of strong killing type ewes and smaller Welsh.

Trade was very strong on fit Texel x Suffolk ewes.

Once again, 12 buyers created a competitive trade on all types of ewes. Ewes peaked at £123.50 presented by AH Jones & Sons, Hirryd; Texel ewes to £123.50; Charollais to £122.50; Suffolk x to £117; Improved Welsh to £74; Welsh to £55.

Store lambs:

A reduced number due to the Royal Welsh Winter Fair may have left vendors who didn’t bring sheep slightly frustrated, as we some of the dearest trade all season was seen.

Theaves: Texels to £70, £68, £66 and £64.50; Suffolks to £62, £58.50 and £48; Beltex to £55; Charollais to £68.50 and £55; Kerry Hills to £52.

Mixed and clean: Texels to £75, £73 twice, £71 and £69; Suffolks to £70, £65 and £62.50; Mules to £65 and £54; Welsh to £9 and £45; Beltex to £66.50; Romneys to £52; Charollais to £58 and £55.

Wethers: Texels to £74, £62.50 and £62; Mules to £57; Welsh to £55.

Tups: Texels to £76, £72 and £68.50; Suffolks to £45; Mules to £69.50, £58 and £50; Welsh to £70, £57.50 and £55; Charollais to £86 and £62; Lleyns to £70 and £62.50; Romneys to £67.50; Kerry Hills to £75 and £52.

More Store Lambs are needed to meet buyer demand and a larger number could have been sold to vendor advantage.


Theaves from £35 to £70, Average £59.86; Mixed & Clean from £25 to £75, Average £59.88; Wethers from £10 to £74, Average 45.94; Tups from £20 to £86, Average £63.04; Overall Average £59.80.

Cows and calves:

Cows and calves sold to a solid trade once again, similar to that of a fortnight ago.

Leading the way at £1,800 was a Limousin x 1st calver with a Limousin heifer calf at foot presented by C Davies, Fronheulog.

From the same home was a Charolais x heifer with a Limousin bull calf that made £1,500.

E Morgan, Brynderw, sold a 2012-born Limousin cow with a Limousin heifer calf at £1,560.

Presented by F J Owens & Co, Llettygynfach, was a Blonde x cow with a

Limousin steer calf at foot which sold for £1,360.

From Rhiwlas Farms, Rhiwlas, was an Aberdeen Angus cow with a heifer calf that made £1,620, whilst a 2016-born Angus cow with a bull calf sold at £1,520.

A breakdown of all prices achieved were as follows: £1800 + 1 lot, £1600-£1800 1 lot, £1400-£1600 4 lots, £1200-£1400 2 lots, Less than £1200 1 lot.

Machynlleth sale - November 27


New season lambs: Light (299) ave 180.4p/kg; Standard (355) ave 182.9p/kg; Medium (150) ave 184.3p/kg; SQQ 182.2.

Total cull ewes (20): Ave £35.60/hd.

Builth Wells market - November 22


New season lambs: Light (261) ave 165.3p/kg; Standard (543) ave 176.1p/kg; Medium (462) ave 182.5p/kg; Heavy (136) ave 176.4p/kg; SQQ 176.2.

Total cull ewes (336): Ave £35.70/hd.

Brecon sale - November 26


New season lambs: Light (7) ave 143.5p/kg; Standard (75) ave 179.2p/kg; Medium (200) ave 188.5p/kg; Heavy (134) ave 180.3p/kg; SQQ 184.9.

Total cull ewes (108): Ave £70.30/hd.

Monmouthshire sale - November 27


New season lambs: Light (152) ave 187.6p/kg; Standard (383) ave 193.9p/kg; Medium (408) ave 188.3p/kg; Heavy (69) ave 178.6p/kg; SQQ 190.4.

Total cull ewes (429): Ave £58.60/hd.