Ruthin primestock sale - November 19

RUTHIN Farmers' Auction reports sales of 2,789 prime lambs to 242.9ppk / £116; 287 cull ewes and rams to £90 and four prime cattle to 229.5ppk / £1,285.20.

New season lambs:

The best quality lambs were in demand and there3 was a brisk trade on all others.

Contact Elfor Morris to discuss the trade, or just take

your lambs to the auction any time between 6 and 10am.

Lambs are also required on Fridays.

Top priced:

Light lambs: 167.7ppk by D H Roberts, Fron and £52 from the same vendor.

Standard lambs: 232.4ppk by G O Jones, Rhafod and £87 from Mrs M H Morris, Brynllwyd.

Medium lambs: 242.9ppk by H L Griffiths, Ty Isa and £102 by the same vendor.

Heavy lambs: 223.7ppk by W Owen & Partners, Accre and £115 from Gwion Morgan, Ty’n y Wern.

Light to 167.7 Average 161.8; Standard to 232.4 Average 188.8; Medium to 242.9 Average 192.4; Heavy to 223.7 Average 182.9; Overall average 187.6; SQQ 190.9.

Cull ewes and rams (auctioneer: Paul Roberts):

Top prices rams / ewes: £90 by Gwion Morgan, Ty’n y Wern.

Texel rams to £85; Texel ewes to £90; Mule ewes to £69; Welsh ewes to £35; Cross bred rams to £90; Cross bred ewes to £63; Beltex ewes to £66; Overall ewes / rams average £41.49.

Prime cattle:

Heifers: Top priced Heifer per kilo was 229.5ppk by Dyfed Roberts, Tyddyn Ucha.

Top priced Heifer overall was £1,285.20 by Dyfed Roberts, Tyddyn Ucha.

The overall heifer average 219.2ppk.

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St Asaph livestock market - November 14

NEW season lambs (3,544):

A very good entry forward, but the quality wasn’t as it has been with weather showing on the lambs.

The best were another excellent trade and the auction was delighted with the prices throughout.

Top price Light - 293p/kg shown by E H Williams, Bryn Betws and £88/head shown by the same vendor.

Top price Standard - 246p/kg shown by E W Edwards, Ty Nant Gell and £92/head shown by M L Thomas, Bryn.

Top price Medium - 270p/kg shown by E H Williams, Bryn Betws and £108/head shown by the same vendor.

Top price Heavy - 236p/kg shown by E Davies, Groes Fawr and £118/head shown by the same vendor.

Top price Overweight - 238p/kg shown by E Davies, Groes Fawr and £125/head shown by the same vendor; SQQ 192.62.

Light ave 178.42p/kg to 293.00p/kg to £88.00/hd; Standard ave 187.61p/kg to 246.00p/kg to £92.00/hd; Medium ave 195.76p/kg to 270.00p/kg to £108.00/hd; Heavy ave 184.43p/kg to 236.00p/kg to £118.00/hd; Overweight ave 171.00p/kg to 238.00p/kg to £125.00/hd.

Cull ewes and rams (1,084):

More ewes forward were an excellent trade, with the best selling particularly well.

Texel ewes to £153/head; Welsh ewes to £52/head; Mule ewes to £100/head and tups to £132/head.

Ewes to £153.00, ave £51.65; Rams to £132.00, ave £60.09.

Mold primestock sale - November 18

THERE was a huge entry of beef, with trade reasonable given the number forward.

A large premium currently being paid for well finished cattle.

The best shaped cattle are also keenly sought after the sale.

Cull cows continue to meet a steady trade.

Highlights: Top 10 Beef 218.60 (1418.34); Top 20 Beef 210.95 (1375.81).

Prime cattle (180 entries - 77 hfrs, 90 strs, 13 bulls):

Heifers (under 30m): Heavy Continental Heifers to 218 (1449.70), Av 186.93; Medium Continental Heifers to 215, Av 186.35; Light Continental Heifers to 119, Av 119; Heavy Native Heifers to 153, Av 146.25; Medium Native Heifers to 175, Av 150.23; Light Native Heifers to 178, Av 162.33; Medium Friesian Heifers to 128, Av 127; Light Friesian Heifers to 112, Av 112.

Steers (under 30m): Heavy Continental Steers to 214 (1421.20), Av 180.18; Medium Continental Steers to 236, Av 185.60; Light Continental Steers to 208, Av 176; Heavy Native Steers to 188 (1381.80), Av 168.80; Medium Native Steers to 180, Av 160.14; Light Native Steer to 150, Av 141; Heavy Friesian Steers to 148 (1057.90), Av 143.80; Medium Friesian Steers to 143, Av 137.25; Light Friesian Steers to 143, Av 137.50.

Bulls (under 30m): Heavy Continental Bulls 185 (1476), Av 170.17; Medium Continental Bulls to 177, Av 176; Light Continental Bulls 180, Av 180; Heavy Native Bulls to 164, Av 142.75; Medium Native Bulls to 172, Av 172; Light Native Bulls to 123, Av 123.

Heifers (30-36m): Heavy Continental Heifers to 178, Av 162.40; Medium Continental Heifers to 165, Av 160; Light Continental Heifers to 128, Av 128; Heavy Native Heifers to 141, Av 141; Medium Native Heifers to 148, Av 139; Heavy Friesian Heifers to 125, Av 125; Medium Friesian Heifers to 120, Av 120.

Steers (30-36m): Heavy Continental Steers to 155, Av 152; Medium Continental Steers to 178, Av 164.33; Heavy Native Steers to 149, Av 145.50; Medium Native Steers to 143, Av 134.33; Heavy Friesian Steers to 133, Av 125.50; Medium Friesian Steers to 143, Av 143.

Heifers (over 36m): Medium Continental Heifers to 148, Av 148.

Steers (over 36m): Medium Continental Steers to 100, Av 100; Heavy Friesian Steers to 125, Av 112.50.

Cull cows (82 entries - 57 dairy, 25 beef):

Young Beef cows to 141 (916.50); Aged beef cows to 140, 137 etc (1085) (959); Top 10 Beef Cows Av 123.70; Overall beef cow av 104.90; Dairy cow to 116 (945.40), 113 (870.11); Top 10 Dairy cows Av 106 (789.29); Overall dairy cow av 80.50.

Cull bulls (3 entries): Sal to 105.

Lambs (262 entries): Light to 177, Av 177; Standard to 190, Av 181.60; Medium to 185, Av 178.10; Sqq 178.50.

Ewes: Ewes to 74, Av 49.60.

Llanrwst market - November 19

LIGHTER lambs were an improved trade and all weights were in demand.

Lambs (1,087):

Av 180.5p; Lights (196) to 185p, av 172p; Standards (495) to 200p, av 182p; Mediums (356) to 195p, av 183; Heavy (40) to 180p, av 171p.

Ewes / rams (28):

Welsh ewes to £43; Xbred to £63; Welsh rams to £58; Xbred rams to £65.

Beef (6):

BBhfrs to 178p; Chx hfrs to 180p; OTM steers to 153p; OTM heifers to 133p.

Highest priced:

Lambs (ppk): G Roberts, Penbryn Doged, Llanddoged, Llanrwst.

Lambs (per head): J P Edwards, Bron Derw, Llanrwst and D Davies, Plas Llan, Eglwysbach.

Ewes / rams: D W Jones, Cartref, Caernarfon.

Beef (per head & ppk): P P Jones, Rhydycreau, Betws y Coed.

58th annual autumn show and sale of pedigree Welsh Black cattle at Dolgellau - November 19

THERE was an impressive entry of 73 females (including 50 maiden heifers).

An outstanding turnout of enthusiastic prospective purchasers and spectators surrounded the sale ring.

The quality of the cattle and their attractive breeding lines were reflected in the strong trade, with the top price reaching 3,700gns for the reserve champion female - Hafodesgob Molly 174th - by Mrs Gwenfair Jones & Sons, Hafod yr Esgob and sold to Mr Enzo Sauro.

Mrs Gwenfair Jones & Sons also achieved 1,980gns for their champion maiden

heifer, Hafodesgob Mynachwen 78th, which sold to D Williams, Henblas.

Mynach Gwyneth 63rd by Messrs A & R C Williams, Pentre received the reserve

champion maiden heifer prize and sold for 1,980gns to Radnor Hills.

The champion female, Ysguboriau Dwynwen 161st, by W Jones, Ysguboriau,

achieved 1,900gns and was sold to Richard Lewis, Tyn y Fach.

Caerynwch Gwenfair 83rd by T W Williams & Co, Caerynwch Farm, received the

prize for champion Welsh Black calf and was sold for 860gns to Richard

Lewis, Tyn y Fach.

Other notable high prices include: Hafodesgob Agnes 77th by Mrs Gwenfair Jones & Sons, Hafod yr Esgob, achieving 1,920gns and sold to Radnor Hills; Dysynni Briallen 5th by W T Davies, Waenfach sold for 1,900gns to Mr Davies, Cae Du; Deicws Marian 25th by Mr Williams, Tyddyn Deicws was also sold for 1,900gns to Enzo Sauro.

Another successful sale provides great anticipation to the next society show and sale in January, where a good entry of top quality bulls and

females is expected.

Ruthin store and breeding stock sale - November 14

RUTHIN Farmers' Auction reports sales of 55 calves; seven cows and calves; 148 store cattle; one bull; 1,551 store lambs; 121 breeding ewes and eight rams.

Breeding ewes:

A smaller entry of ewes were forward due to the end of the season.

Welsh 4 year old ewes to £54; Lleyn 4 year old ewes to £54; Cheviot 3 year old ewes to £61; Cheviot 5 year old ewes to £57; Speckled face 4 year old ewes to £41; 2 & 3 year old Herdiwck ewes to £67.

Store lambs:

An entry of 1,549 store lambs met a flying trade, with plenty of buyers present for all types and breeds of store lambs.

Top price (breeding ewe lambs) £94 with texel tup lambs to £79.

Cheviot tup lambs to £74. The strongest Welsh store lambs to £53.50, returning an overall average of £47.53 on all 1,549 lambs sold.


There was a brisker trade on all breeds.

A 19 day old Limousin bull calf to £380. 6 week old Char x bull calf to £405 and a younger 3 week old Char x bull calf from same vendor selling for £380.

A one month old Brit Blue bull calf to £345. Friesian bull calves to £115.

Store cattle:

Heifers: As with the calves, there was a brisker trade all around, with some good quality about.

Top price of the day went to a 18m old Char x heifer from Rhiwlas Uchaf, Saron selling for £1,075, with another lot of the same age achieveing £1,020.

18m Lim heifers sold to £1,045.


J G Rich of Erw Goed had the highest price of the day in the steers section at £1,200 for a 27m Simmental x steer.

11m Charolais steer to £1,110 also from J G Rich.

A consignment of Aberdeen Angus cattle hit the £1,105 mark for 19 month old steers and a 19m Simmental steer from same vendor selling for £955.

A 21m Limousin x steer sold for £1,150.

16m Charolais x to £1,175; 18m Char x to £1,130; 21m Hereford x to £1,110.

More are required weekly.

St Asaph livestock market - November 16

NEW season lambs (737):

A very fast trade on all types of lambs, topping at £78.50 from B Osbourne, Tyddyn Ucha.

Super Super Light ave 165.53p/kg to 189.00p/kg to £35.00/hd; Super Light ave 147.78p/kg to 183.00p/kg to £44.00/hd; Light ave 170.00p/kg to 219.00p/kg to £66.00/hd; Standard ave 176.79p/kg to 200.00p/kg to £70.00/hd; Medium ave 164.43p/kg to 178.00p/kg to £75.00/hd; Heavy ave 168.36p/kg to £78.50/hd; Overweight ave 120.97p/kg to £75.00/hd.

Old ewes (12):

Ewes to £42.00, ave £31.63; Rams to £50.00, ave £40.00.

Breeding ewes (58):

Welsh Brokers to £31/head.

Mold stock sale - November 15

THERE was another strong trade for cattle, with demand from start to finish.

Slightly less cattle were forward.

Fewer buyers ringside for dairy, although quality commanded a premium.

Calves were perhaps a shade dearer than the previous week, although B&Ws were still hard to place.

Store cattle (199 entries): AA str (32m) to 1100; LIM str (23m) to 1095; BB str (24m) to 1090; SIM str (24m) to 1070; HER str (23m) to 1040; BA str (25m) to 995; HOL str (24m) to 860; HF str (22m) to 850; Devon str (24m) to 850; BF str (23m) to 800; SIM hfrs (25m) to 965; LIM hfr (23m) to 950; CHAR hfrs (22m) to 945; HER hfrs (24m) to 900; STA hfrs (22m) to 850; BB hfrs (22m) to 850; AA hfrs (14m) to 655.

Stirks (68 entries): WB str (14m) to 770; BB strs (13m) to 710; CHAR strs (10m) to 650; LIM strs (12m) to 615; AA str (12m) to 575; SAL str (11m) to 485; LH str (11m) to 450; BF str (13m) to 400; BB hfrs (12m) to 610; WB hfrs (11m) to 580; Lim hfr (12m) to 580; AA hfrs (11m) to 480; LH hfrs (11m) to 420.

Dairy (22 entries):

Heifers: HF cvd hfr to 1780, others to 1500, 1400.

Bulling heifers: HF to 650, others to 590, 580, 570, 540.

Calves (88 entries):

Bulls: SIM bull to 390; Lim bull to 340; BB bull to 260; AA bull to 175; Her bull to 140; BAZ bull to 95; BF bull to 68; Monty bull to 65; HOL bull to 38.

Heifers: LIM hfr to 225; SIM hfr to 190; BB hfr to 185; WB hfr to 105.

Dolgellau market - November 15

FARMERS Marts report entries of four grazing cows, 235 store cattle and suckling calves, and 1,420 store sheep - including 203 cast ewes, rams and 1,217 store and ewe lambs.

Prices: Welsh Black Cows to £570; 26m Pedigree Welsh Black Heifers to £900; 22m Limousin x Heifers to £948; 20m Charolais x Heifers to £902; 20m Limousin x Heifers to £1110; 18m Pedigree Welsh Black Heifers to £800; 18m Saler x Heifers to £895; 18m Charolais x Heifers to £945; 18m Limousin x Heifers to £802; 16m Charolais x Heifers to £880; 14m Limousin x Heifers to £912; 14m Pedigree Welsh Black Heifers to £768; 12m Saler x Heifers to £705; 12m Charolais x Heifers to £898; 12m British Blue x Heifers to £660; 8m Charolais x Heifers to £840; 8m Limousin x Heifers to £642; 6m Aberdeen Angus Heifers to £430; 25m Welsh Black Stores to £1050; 22m Charolais x Steers to £1132; 20m Saler x Steers to £1018; 20m Welsh Black Steers to £1048; 20m Charolais x Steers to £1190; 20m Limousin x Steers to £1030; 18m Charolais x Steers to £1092; 18m Limousin x Steers to £938; 18m Saler x Steers to £888; 16m Charolais x Steers to £1000; 16m Limousin x Steers to £952; 12m Hereford x Steers to £695; 12m Charolais x Steers to £890; 8m Charolais x Steers to £802; 8m Limousin x Steers to £700; 6m Pedigree Welsh Black Steers to £568; Welsh Cast Ewes to £41.40; Welsh Rams to £47.40; Charolais Rams to £78; Suffolk Rams to £65; Crossbred Cast Ewes to £45; Scottish Blackface Ewes to £35.40; Welsh Store Lambs to £51; Welsh Ewe Lambs to £56.40; Crossbred Store Lambs to £64.40; Crossbred Ewe Lambs to £53.40; Speckled Face Lambs to £60; Organic Crossbred Store Lambs to £70; Organic Crossbred Ewe Lambs to £62.

Bryncir sale - November 18

BRYNCIR Auction reports an entry of 108 store lambs, with trade very strong and buyers demand exceeding supply

Texel x to £58.00 - G Morgan, Plas Y Bryn.

Speckle Face to £55.40 - J G Trumper, Tyddyn Madyn.

Crossbred to £54.00 - P Shilvock, Glyn Coed.

Welsh to £51.00 - E G Williams, Gesail.

Rhayader market - November 14

THERE was an increased entry of 1,545 prime lambs that made a terrific trade from start to finish, with nine buyers present resulting in fierce bidding throughout on all weights and grades. Lambs travelling from as far as Lampeter, Oswestry and Aberystwyth. A third of the lambs on the yard sold for over £90 with a top price of 213p/kg (41 kg at £87.50) being achieved by EO Griffiths & Co, Ty Mawr, Caersws.

One consignment of 125 lambs averaged £93.63!

Lights (22) selling to 179p/kg from EP Hughes & Co, Porth or £55.50/head from the same vendor. Av 172.27p/kg.

Standards (196) selling to 195p/kg from EP Hughes & Co, Porth or £75/head from JJ Price & Co, The Farm. Av 184.86p/kg.

Mediums (751) selling to 213p/kg from EO Griffiths & Co, Ty Mawr or £91/head feom AAT Pugh, Bwlchmawr. Av 190.81p/kg.

Heavies (512) selling to 196p/kg from GR Moseley, Dairy Barn or £95/head from J&R Duggan, Cilmaenowydd. Av 187.44p/kg.

SQQ - 189.42p/kg; Overall - 188.1p/kg.

Welshpool livestock market - November 18

OTMS (47):

A similar number of OTM cattle were on offer during the week, seeing a top price of £1032.24 (132ppkg) for a salers x OTM weighing in at 782kg from TE Lewis & Son, Abergwenlas.

D Rowlands, Pentre Celyn made 137ppkg for a Limousin x weighing 725kg making £993.25.

Younger cows (48-72 months) topped at £1557.60 (176ppkg) for a Limousin weighing 885kg from CV & EM Lewis, Buttington New Hall.

S Richards & Son, Gwern Y Pwll made 139ppkg for a Limousin x weighing 853kg making £1185.67.

Heifers under 48 months topped at £768.74 (119ppkg) for a Hereford heifer weighing 646kg from RA Meddins, Hafod.

TG Evans, Bettws Hall made 120ppkg for a heifer weighing 490kg making £588.

Averages of the day were as follows: OTM cows (33) 98.11ppkg / £656.48; OTM steers (3) 60.46ppkg / £307.95; Cows 48-72 Months (9) 128.01ppkg / £929.37; Heifers under 48 months (2) 119.43ppkg / £678.37; Overall average 103.29ppkg.

Prime lambs (6,015):

An larger entry of lambs forward sold to return an average of 183.57ppkg, with a top price of 216ppkg for pen of lambs weighing 39.50kg making £85.50 from DR Owen & Sons, Sandilands, and £102.80/head for 63kg lambs from PR Evans, Fachwen.

Lights (636) to 206ppkg from JG Jones, Cefnbrith. Others to 190ppkg from JH Morris, Brynaber. Average of 172.16ppkg.

Standards (1211) to 209ppkg from M Lott, Tynyvoel. Others to 207ppkg from A Tomkins, Caenymynech. Average of 182.92ppkg.

Mediums (2295) to 216ppkg from DR Owen & Sons, Sandilands. Others to 214ppkg from from the same home. Average of 186.07ppkg.

Heavies (1412) to 207ppkg from H Jones, Glanyrafon. Others to 205ppkg from DH Morgan, Nantgwynne. Average of 182.16ppkg.

Cull sheep (2,023):

There was an increased entry of 1,916 cull ewes that met a very similar trade to the previous week, with an overall average of £55.40 being achieved.

Generally, the strength of ewes forward weren't as strong as the previous week.

A top price of the day of £139 went to JL Jones & Sons, Waun Fawr, Carmarthen.

A total of 12 buyers were present once again, leading to competitive bidding throughout.

91 cull rams also met a very similar trade with an overall average of £66.16.

A top price of the day of £121 went to RP & SE Wilde, Middle Sylfaen.

Texel ewes to £139; Texel x ewes to £108; Suffolk x ewes to £91.50; Mule ewes to £89; Welsh ewes to £62; Dolgellau type Welsh ewes to £46.

Store lambs (1,414):

Larger numbers were forward, with a strong trade throughout as more people search for lambs.

Texel theaves to £76.50, £76 and £75.50; Suffolks to £59.50; Mules to £76.50, £66 and £59.50; Charollais to £70, £64 and £63.50.

Texel mixed and clean to £75, £73 and £70; Suffolks to £78.50, £69 and £55; Mules to £66, £64 and £51; Beltex to £70 and £67; Charollais to £68, £66.50 and £65.50 and Cheviots to £43.50.

Texel wethers to £72, £62 and £51; Mules to £47; Welsh to £58 and Cluns to £48.

Texel tups to £73, £71 and £70 twice; Welsh to £77 and £56; Charollais to £67 and Kerrys to £54.50.

Averages: Theave lambs - £59.50; Mixed & Clean - £58.22; Wether lambs - £49.37; Tup lambs - £54.95; Overall - £57.65.