A RHYL couple who have spent their marriage “getting things off” their chests have celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary.

As Pauline and David Sinclair, 83 and 82, celebrated the milestone at home they were surprised to receive a telegram from Queen Elizabeth II congratulating them on their long marriage.

Their quiet celebration on Wednesday, November 6 followed a five day trip to Benidorm, which was provided by their family as when they married in 1954 they were “a bit too poor”to travel abroad for their honeymoon

Originally from Manchester, David first met Pauline Brown - who was from nearby Droyldsen, in 1954 aged 17 while they were both at a fair in Northenden with friends.

David said: “She was with a couple of friends, I was with a couple of friends and we started talking.

“I remember saying, as we were walking across a bridge on the river Mersey “That one in the pink coat, she’s mine”.

“We were only kids, but you could say it’s love at first sight.”

Shortly after, the pair were married on November 6 1954.As they were unable to afford a church and tied the knot at the All Saints Registry in Manchester and visited a local pub for their honeymoon. For their 60th anniversary, their family members organised for the couple to renew their vows in a church.

David and Pauline went on to have three daughters Paula, Diane and Tamzin and four grandchildren and after retiring as an employee of Gallghers' Cigarette Factor and as a tailoress, they relocated to North Wales.

Their secret to a happy marriage lies in "clearing the air" when ever disagreements arise.

David added: “We argued that day, and we’ve argued every single day since.

"It helps to get things off your chest. you don't hold anything back or hold a grudge, you just clear the air."