NO ACTION is to be taken against a former Prestatyn mayor following an investigation into the posting of a racially charged comment on Facebook aimed at travellers.

An investigation into a post that read “Hitler had the right idea, anyone hot [sic] any gas canisters?” posted by an account attributed to Labour county councillor Bob Murray has found "credible evidence that someone else had access to his Facebook account".

In a statement to The Journal at the time of comment's posting in April, cllr Murray categorically denied making the comment and also referred the matter to the police to help uncover the comment's source. However, as a result of the comment, which was made in response to news of travellers camped at the Prestatyn Nova centre, cllr Murray was suspended by the Denbighshire Labour Group (DLG) and has now been readmitted.

Commenting on the lifting of his suspension, cllr Murray said: "I'm pleased this suspension has been lifted. It has been a very difficult few months that has put a huge strain on me but I would like to thank my fellow councillors, friends and residents for their support.

"As the evidence shows, I did not post these abhorrent sexist, homophobic and racist comments and I never would. I deplore the actions of the person who did this and I have secured my account to make sure this does not happen again.

"I am looking forward to resuming my duties as a councillor and representing the people of Prestatyn."

A spokesperson for North Wales Police said: "We can confirm that there was no evidence that Bob Murray placed the comments on Facebook and no further action was taken."

Following complaints to leader of the DLG, cllr Joan Butterfield, Denbighshire County Council also referred the incident to the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales (PSOW) for investigation, who has now cleared the councillor of a breach of Code of Conduct. Cllr Murray has now been readmitted to the Denbighshire Labour Group following the investigation.

A spokesperson for the PSOW said: "I can confirm that the Ombudsman has concluded his investigation into Bob Murray. The investigation found no evidence of breach."

Joan Butterfield, Leader of Denbighshire Labour Group said: “We are pleased to welcome cllr Murray back into the group. We understand credible evidence was uncovered that someone else had access to Councillor Murray’s Facebook account and he did not post the comments himself.

“I’m glad that there has been a thorough investigation and that we can now move on."

A spokesman for DCC said: "We referred the complaint to the Ombudsman and they carried out a full investigation. They concluded there was no evidence that he had breached the Code of Conduct.

"As a result the council will not be taking the matter any further”.

The comment's posting was condemned by national charities working on behalf of gypsies, Roma and travellers such as Friends, Families and Travellers. More than 500,000 Roma and Sinti people died during the Holocaust following internment in concentration camps.

The Welsh Labour Party have been approached for comment.

Cllr Murray has already received support from fellow Labour Vale of Clwyd politicians AM Ann Jones AM - who on Friday, October 18 was part of the Show Racism the Red Card Campaign's Wear Red Day scheme - and Chris Ruane MP.

Mr Ruane said: "We all share the horror at the comments that were maliciously placed under Bob’s name. They are not representative of our party and have no place in our society.

“I know that the last few months will have been difficult for Bob. I’m glad that following a full investigation by the Labour Party and the Ombudsman, Bob re-joins the Labour Group. He is a hard working local councillor and I look forward to campaigning alongside him again.”

Mr Jones said: "I’m not alone in being shocked at the comments when they were posted online. I am relieved though that after investigation by the Labour Party and by the Ombudsman, there is credible evidence that they were not posted by Cllr Murray. I’m also happy that Bob can now re-join the Labour group on the council.

“As someone who has fought for equality my entire life, I will continue to do so and work with Bob and others to challenge racism, homophobia and sexism wherever they rear their ugly heads. “