THE UK One Arm Golf Society Autumn Championships were held in Rhuddlan for the very first time over the weekend.

The English and Welsh Championships were held at the Town's Golf Club on Saturday and the Scottish equivalent was held on the Sunday.

The Society of One Armed Golfers came together and golfers from all over Great Britain joined in.

Rhuddlan Golf Club captain Doug Mortimer hailed the event as "phenomenal".

"It was superb to see so many people turn up," he added.

"The golfers were over the moon with the reception they received on the day. It was the first time we have hosted the tournament but the society said they would definitely consider coming back again in the future."

The Society of One-Armed Golfers was founded in 1932. To participate in its events, golfers must hold their club in one hand and hit the ball with only one hand on that club.

Therefore, society playing members either ‘only have one hand, or one arm’, or have only the use of one hand/arm generally though injury.

Among the top perfomers in Rhuddlan over the weekend were Cian Arthurs, who won the English and Welsh Championship with 37 points and Michael O'Grady, who won the Scottish Championship with 36 points.

Keith Dewhurst, Honorary Secretary of the Society of One Armed Golfers, said: "Rhuddlan Golf Club were excellent hosts, in particular Captain Doug Mortimer who arranged a starter on the 1st tee, himself on Saturday, and spotters down the first fairway.

"All Society golfers, their friends and family had a most enjoyable weekend."