A heroin addict burglar who repeatedly targeted the home of a man of 94 had also stolen a handbag from an ambulance paramedic while she and a colleague tended to a patient with serious breathing difficulties, a court heard.

Simon Ferguson, 29, of Meredith Crescent, Rhyl, was jailed for 42 months at Caernarfon crown court. He’d been confronted during the theft from the ambulance at Rhyl.

Ferguson pleaded guilty to two burglaries at Rhuddlan from the home of the mostly housebound pensioner in which £350 had been stolen and an attempt, within days of each other. He also admitted theft from the ambulance woman and five counts of shoplifting.

Judge Huw Rees said the burglaries had a considerable effect on the “lone, vulnerable” pensioner. The handbag theft was “particularly mean,” he added.

“You have spent many years now since 2013 committing offences, largely of dishonesty,” the judge told the defendant. “We see a marked difference in the personalities in this case.”

Prosecuting barrister Paulinus Barnes said on the night of August 28 the pensioner went to bed. But the following morning a kitchen window lock was snapped and his wallet had been missing.

The victim didn’t want to trouble the police but contacted a joiner who said he needed to report it.

The OAP’s son went to the bank and withdrew £300 for him. But a couple of days later the kitchen window had been forced open again and another wallet had gone.

Ferguson was caught after the attempted burglary on September 2 when he dropped a garden hoe after being disturbed by the pensioner’s son. Fingerprints were recovered.

That morning a police employee on his way to work had also noticed the defendant.

Mr Barnes said the pensioner now had a heightened fear of crime and had new windows installed.

Counsel added that on August 20 the ambulance crew had been called to Meredith Crescent. Ferguson hid the handbag under his jumper.

Sarah Yates, defending, said he had been addicted to heroin since the age of 15. “He does wish me to apologise to the complainants and victims. It’s behaviour he’s ashamed of,” the barrister remarked.