THE perfect mood setter for Halloween awaits in Rhyl with the screening of two of the greatest 80's cult horror movies.

The Wicked Cinema's Cult Cinema screenings at the Little Theatre continues on Wednesday, October 16 with Sam Raimi's B-Movie horror comedy Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn and John Carpenter's unforgettable masterpiece The Thing on Wednesday 30.

An opportunity for most, if not all North Walian horror fans to catch either film on the big screen, both showings in such a charismatic setting are simply a must for any self respecting cinephile.

Rhyl Journal:

The stark and unbearably tense alien terror of John Carpenter's The Thing. Picture: Facebook/The Thing-1982

The Thing marks a return to the works of Carpenter for this fantastic cinema, which showed Big Trouble in Little China earlier this year, and is a rare opportunity to catch this tour de force in mood setting and tension the way it was intended to be shown. While many of Carpenter's films are receiving limited 4K re-releases, to date The Thing remains a highly sought after celluloid experience.

Rhyl Journal:

Sam Raimi's soft, comedy reboot of his own classic 'cabin in the woods' cosmic horror. Picture: Facebook/ The Evil Dead 2 1987

So too with Sam Raimi's soft reboot of his own masterful directorial debut. Cinema fans who caught the major re-release last Halloween of The Evil Dead, can follow up the experience with this more tongue in cheek follow up in a more boutiquey setting and revisit the glorious chaos caused by Ash Williams in the definitive 'cabin in the woods' sequel.

The Cult Cinema is approaching the year's end with a seriously impressive programme, to help support this incredible asset and enjoy two sought after screenings, head to the Little Theatre on Wednesday, October 16 and Wednesday 30 at 7.30pm.

Tickets for both showings are £3 and are available on the door. To book seats, visit the Wicked Cult Cinema Facebook page or via email on