DR JAMES Davies has been reselected as the Welsh Conservative candidate for the Vale of Clwyd at the next general election.

In 2015, Dr Davies took the seat with 13,760 votes, narrowly defeating Mr Ruane, who picked up 13,523 votes.

In 2017, Mr Ruane - who had held the seat for 18 years previously - won the Vale of Clwyd back.

Dr Davies, who is married to Nina and has two sons, said: "This is the only area I would ever consider seeking to represent and I have great ambitions for it.

"The outcome of the 2017 election left me disappointed not to have the opportunity to continue the work I had begun at Parliament and it would be a real honour to be able to be able to re-engage with the many important issues that I was working on.

"On a national level, I am firmly of the opinion that Brexit needs to be delivered to allow the country to reunite and move on to tackle other important issues.

"I also think it is very important that there is a strong, centre-ground government elected to work in the best interests of the country."

Dr Davies, who has been a doctor in the NHS for 15 years, said health, social care and local regeneration will be his top priorities - after Brexit.

He added: "We need to make the most of opportunities available through the North Wales Growth Deal, and the Northern Powerhouse. Our area needs to be attractive, not just for businesses and investors, but for all of us. That's why I believe we need to take a much tougher line on antisocial behaviour and crime.

"If I have the honour of becoming the next MP for the Vale of Clwyd, I will focus my efforts across the constituency ensuring all towns and villages feel represented.”