CONCERNS are growing that, due to expected warm weather over the weekend, traffic on the A55 near Llanddulas could be even worse than in recent weeks.

With warm weather predicted for the region over the weekend, visitor numbers are expected to increase.

Clwyd West Assembly Member Darren Millar has recently asked for a statement from the Transport Minister on that part of the A55 - in light of the 'traffic mayhem' roadworks are currently causing.

Mr Millar, who is concerned that poor management of the roadworks on the Kneeshaw Lupton bridge which are due to last five weeks, is causing serious damage to the reputation of North Wales as a tourism destination and will undermine the local economy.

He raised the matter in a recent Business Statement. Speaking in the Chamber, he said: “The Trefnydd will be aware that there have been many complaints coming in to Assembly Members from across the North Wales region because of significant roadworks that are taking place in the Llanddulas area.

“Now, I appreciate that these roadworks are necessary in terms of restoring safety to the bridge in Llanddulas, but the organisation of those roadworks, without any appropriate diversions in place to encourage motorists to take alternative routes, is causing absolute mayhem in local communities and towns throughout my constituency, including Abergele, Old Colwyn and Colwyn Bay.

"Children have not been able to get to school on time, people have not able to get to work on time, and tourists are having a very poor visitor experience of North Wales as a result of chaos; I'm very concerned that it's damaging the reputation of north Wales and our economy.

“We need a statement on what the Welsh Government is going to do to make sure that it plans these things better in the future so that we don't have the sort of disruption again.”

Minister for Finance and Trefnydd, Rebecca Evans, says she will “ask Welsh Government officials to investigate the situation with a view to providing advice as to how to best avoid the situation in future”.

Darren added: “While I’m grateful for the promise to look at this for the future, this will bring no comfort to those facing eight mile delays of an hour and more."