Ruthin primestock sale - September 17

RUTHIN Farmers' Auction reports sales of 2,647 prime lambs to 217.6ppk / £99; 795 cull ewes and rams to £100 and 10 prime cattle to 220ppk / £1,206.80.

New season lambs:

There was another good entry of 2,647 lambs.

Well covered fed lambs attracted a premium.

Contact Elfor Morris to discuss the trade or just take your lambs to the auction anytime between 6am and 10am.

Lambs are also required on Fridays.

Top priced:

Light lambs: 178.7ppk by J & H P Thomas, Cefn Treflach and £54.50 from the same vendor.

Standard lambs: 210.4ppk by J P Williams, Bron Eyarth and £81 from the same vendor.

Medium lambs: 217.6ppk by T H Vaughan & Son, Maes Mochnant and £99 from the same vendor.

Heavy lambs: 200.0ppk by T H Vaughan & Son, Maes Mochnant and £95 from the same vendor.

Light to 174.2 Average 164.1; Standard to 210.4 Average 168.6; Medium to 217.6 Average 167.7; Heavy to 200.0 Average 162.9; Overall Average 165.2; SQQ 167.8.

Cull ewes and rams (auctioneer - Paul Roberts):

There was a good trade on all ewes forward.

Top priced rams / ewes: £100 by I P Jones, Maes Tyddyn; Texel ewes to £100; Cross Bred ewes to £90; Suffolk rams to £90; Beltex ewes to £87; Suffolk ewes to £85; Overall ewes / rams average £47.54.

Prime cattle:


The top priced heifer per kilo was 220.0ppk by R L Wynne, Ty Newydd.

Top priced heifer overall was £1,260.08 by R L Wynne, Ty Newydd.

Overall heifers average 217.4p.

Mold stock sale - September 13

A BUMPRE show of 584 stores and stirks were forward on the day.

Trade remains firm.

It has been affected by the beef trade, however not to the same extent and cattle still appear well sold.

Plenty of buyers and interest in the dairy section, with a firm trade throughout.

Fewer calves were about and plenty of buyers were present, resulting in a fast trade.

Store cattle (463 entries): Her str (22m) to 1075; CHAR str (21m) to 1030; AA str (22m) to 1020; LIM str (22m) to 1010; BA str (23m) to 1005; BB str (23m) to 980; SIM str (24m) to 930; SD str (23m) to 925; FLECV str (22m) to 920; BAZ str (22m) to 865; WB str (23m) to 830; BF str (24m) to 750; HF str (22m) to 635; CHAR hfrs (22m) to 970; LIM hfr (23m) to 970; BB hfrs (24m) to 900; AA hfrs (22m) to 890; SAL hfrs (24m) to 860; SIM hfrs (22m) to 820; HER hfrs (25m) to 810.

Stirks (121 entries): BB strs (10m) to 730; LIM strs (11m) to 730; BA strs (12m) to 710; HER strs (13m) to 560; SIM strs (10m) to 520; HF strs (13m) to 410; HER hfr (14m) to 690; Lim hfr (12m) to 680; CHAR hfr (11m) to 670; BB hfr (13m) to 650; SIM hfr (13m) to 545; WB hfr (10m) to 420.

Dairy (14 entries):

Heifers: HF cvd hfr to 1920, others to 1850, 1800, 1600.

Cows: HF 3rd calvers to 1500; HF 5th calvers to 1520; HF 4th calvers to 1450.

Calves (74 entries):

Bulls: Lim bull to 305; BB bull to 270; Char bull to 260; HER bull to 240; AA bull to 155; BF bull to 100; HF bull to 82; AYR bull to 80; HOL bull to 80.

Heifers: LIM hfr to 275; SIM hfr to 230; BB hfr to 200; HER hfr to 150; Flecv hfr to 105; AA hfr to 95.

St Asaph livestock market - September 12

NEW season lambs (2,760):

A seasonal entry forward were a much better trade then expected with the slow demand all week.

The best were again very dear.

Top price Light - 178p/kg shown by G E Jones, Llys Gwyn and £57/head shown by the same vendor.

Top price Standard - 239p/kg shown by G M Howatson, Fferm and £92/head shown by W L Jones, Fron.

Top price Medium - 267p/kg shown by T & J Jones, Ty Newydd and £108/head shown by the same vendors.

Top price Heavy - 213p/kg shown by G R & E M Davies, Nant Hir and £100/head shown by the same vendors.

Top price Overweight - 185p/kg shown by G R & E M Davies, Nant Hir and £100/head shown by the same vendors; SQQ 170.74.

Light ave 154.87p/kg to 178.00p/kg to £57.00/hd; Standard ave 161.36p/kg to 239.00p/kg to £92.00/hd; Medium ave 172.42p/kg to 267.00p/kg to £108.00/hd; Heavy ave 161.94p/kg to 213.00p/kg to £100.00/hd; Overweight ave 149.50p/kg to 185.00p/kg to £100.00/hd.

Cull ewes and rams (931):

Ewes were a better trade, but the large proportion of plain ewes reflects in the average.

Texel ewes to £130/head, mule ewes to £88/head, Welsh ewes to £45/head and tups to £122/head.

Ewes to £130.00 ave £47.88; Rams to £122.00 ave £79.20.

Ruthin store sale - September 12

RUTHIN Farmers' Auction reports sales of one cow and calf to 870; 121 store cattle to £1,140; 60 calves to £340; 1,384 store lambs to £68; 156 breeding ewe lambs to £89; 1,667 breeding ewes to £142 and 50 breeding rams to £651.

Calves (auctioneer: Dafydd Parry):

A total of 60 calves were entered, with more new buyers present adding to the buzz around the ring.

The weanling cattle sale followed the calves.

A 6 week old British Blue topped the prices for the day achieving £340, which was also matched by a four week old British Blue from another vendor.

A 10 week old BB bull calf sold for £335.

Limousin entries sold to £315 for a 7 week old bull calf and a 6 week old Lim bull calf at £275.

There was a new vendor from Cheshire with a consignment of Hereford, Simmental, Montbeliarde and HF calves sold to £185.

All vendors were going away happy with their payments on the day, with a 100 per cent clearance again during the week.

More calves could have been sold, with buyers looking for more on a weekly basis.

Buyers range from Anglesey to Gwynedd and Cheshire to Shropshire to Worcestershire.

If you are looking to sell calves, you may contact Dafydd Parry on 07780 924460 with your entry prior to sale and to discuss the trade.

If you are looking to purchase, you can also contact Dafydd Parry to discuss the entries forward or add your number to the database to receive a text every Wednesday with the entries to hand.

Monthly calf competition:

Ruthin Farmers Auction has teamed with Genus to run a monthly competition within the weekly calf section to win Genus vouchers.

The vendor with the highest priced calf, 1 month old and under and sired by a Genus bull during each month will be awarded a £50 voucher to spend on agricultural products.

The winner of the August competition was J T & G M Edwards, Maes y Llyn, Llantisilio, who will receiving the voucher for £50 from Genus. The calf was sired by Greystone Glacier.

Store cattle (auctioneers: Emyr Lloyd and Glyn Owens):

There was a total entry of 301 cattle with a good trade throughout selling to £1,140 for strong Limousin steers.

There was an apparent increase in demand with returning faces around the sale ring.

More are expected as per usual over the coming months with more required also to meet demand.


24m Brit Blue to £1,090 by M A Evans, Tan yr Accar; 20m Limousin to £1,035; 16m Limousin to £870; 20m Charolais to £920; 22m Charolais to £870; 15m Charolais to £855; 19m Blonde x to £830; 20m Simm x to £825.

Steers: 27m Limousin to £1,140 by D V & E F Jones, Tyn Llanfair; 23m Limousin to £980; 17m Limousin to £910; 17m Charolais to £1,120; 16m Charolais to £965; 17m AAX to £990.

Special sale of weanling cattle:

The special sale of weanling cattle attracted a very good entry of 96 cattle of various breeds, ages and types and the sale ring was a sea of potential purchasers.

10m Stabiliser x heifers topped the section at £695; 8m Charolais steer to £690; 4m Charolais bull to £590; 4m Charolais bull to £535; 8m Brit Blue steer to £630; 10m Brit Blue steer to £585; 10m Hereford steer to £520; 4m Saler steer to £505; 10m Aber Angus x steer to £500.

Another sale of weanling cattle will be held in October.

Entries are required following the day's good trade.

Contact Dafydd Parry on 07780 924460 or Richard Lloyd 07557 230777 for details and your entries.

Cows and calves:

39m Limousin x heifer with Brit Blue bull calf to £870.

Sheep section:

Store lambs: Store lambs continued their trend of demand with an excellent trade throughout the sale.

Texel lambs sold to £68; Suffolk to £67.50; Mule to £66; Welsh to £49; Lleyn to £53; Cheviot to £59.

More could have been sold.

Breeding ewes:

An excellent entry of over 1,600 were again on show during the week and again, there was a fantastic trade on all breeds.

Texel 2 tooth sold up to £142; Texel 3 year old to £140; Mule to £134; Cheviot to £752; Lleyn to £82

Again, more could have been sold in this section and the auction has numerous phone calls following notifications of pre-notified entries, a sign that the demand is high.

Contact Paul Roberts on 07867 977702 for details.

Breeding rams:

Excellent quality was about with new and returning vendors.

Breeding rams from Cheshire were selling to 500gns as advertised, with more coming in during the next couple of weeks.

Another regular vendor had an annual consignment selling to 620gns and 580gns for Beltex 2 year old and Texel respectively.

The Suffolk ram sold to 400gns and a Charolais to 370gns.

More are coming in over the next few weeks, with entries of 150+ expected each week.

Mold primestock sale - September 16

A LARGE entry of 285 beef and cull cattle was on show.

Beef trade is still depressed, as it is everywhere, but if anything, for the number of cattle forward, they were slightly easier to sell than the previous week.

Cull cows were still in keen demand, although trade was slightly lower than the last few weeks.

The sale was short of lambs, with an improved trade ensuing.


Top 10 Beef 203.20p (1322.34).

Prime Cattle (157 entries - 74 hfrs, 61 strs, 22 bulls):

Heifers (under 30m): Heavy Continental Heifers to 205 (1369.15), Av 180.59; Medium Continental Heifers to 197, Av 181.96; Light Continental Heifers to 170, Av 170; Heavy Native Heifers to 170, Av 163.17; Medium Native Heifers to 159, Av 149; Heavy Friesian Heifers to 121, Av 121; Medium Friesian Heifers to 120, Av 120.

Steers (under 30m): Heavy Continental Steers to 192, Av 163.72; Medium Continental Steers to 204, Av 176.67; Light Continental Steers to 178, Av 163.50; Heavy Native Steers to 161, Av 146; Medium Native Steers to 190, Av 170.40; Light Native Steer to 170 Av 168.33; Medium Friesian Steers to 143, Av 138.33; Light Friesian Steers to 138, Av 138.

Bulls (under 30m): Heavy Continental Bulls 198 (1326.75), Av 179.50; Medium Continental Bulls to 223 (1360.30), Av 192.75; Heavy Native Bulls to 186 (1357.80), Av 175.83; Medium Native Bulls to 178, Av 168.13.

Heifers (30-36m): Heavy Continental Heifers to 158, Av 150.67; Medium Continental Heifers to 154, Av 152; Heavy Native Heifers to 158, Av 158; Medium Native Heifers to 148, Av 148.

Steers (30-36m): Heavy Continental Steers to 177, Av 164; Medium Continental Steers to 167, Av 157.40; Heavy Native Steers to 155, Av 155; Medium Native Steers to 155, Av 155; Light Native Steer to 130, Av 130; Medium Friesian Steers to 135, Av 127.50.

Heifers (over 36m): Heavy Continental Heifers to 155, Av 144.25; Medium Continental Heifers to 165, Av 165; Medium Native Heifers to 130, Av 130; Medium Friesian Heifers to 123, Av 113.

Steers (over 36m): Heavy Continental Steers to 134, Av 130; Heavy Native Steers to 120, Av 120; Heavy Friesian Steers to 113, Av 113; Medium Friesian Steers to 126, Av 113.

Cull cows (125 entries - 68 dairy, 57 beef):

Beef cows to 150 twice, 147, 145, 144 etc (1132.30), (1123,75), (1087.80) etc; Top 10 Beef Cows Av 143.10 (1042.77); Overall beef cow av 115.10; Dairy cows to 130,121, 120, 119 etc (1015), (957), (940.10) etc; Top 10 Dairy cows Av 119.50 (902.10); Overall dairy cow av 97.10.

Cull bulls (3 entries): Sim to 124 (1302); Lim to 120 (1266).

Lambs (192 entries): Standard to 197, Av 173.60; Medium to 173, Av 168.10; Heavy to 164, Av 153.50; Sqq 169.50.

Ewes: Ewes to 90, Av 43.10.

St Asaph livestock market - September 14

NEW season lambs (539):

There was a better trade on lambs, especially the nicer bred strong lambs.

Top price of 180p/kg from G E & M Ellis, Twnan.

Super Light ave 156.76p/kg to 180.00p/kg to £44.00/hd; Light ave 139.26p/kg to 180.00p/kg to £50.00/hd; Standard ave 152.79p/kg to 179.00p/kg to £68.00/hd; Medium ave 148.38p/kg to 153.00p/kg to £68.00/hd; Heavy ave 136.93p/kg to 138.00p/kg to £66.00/hd; Overweight ave 115.79p/kg to £66.00/hd.

Old ewes and rams (37):

Ewes to £50, ave £27.45; Rams to £62, ave £37.50.

Breeding ewes (98):

Lleyn yearlings to £115/head and full mouth to £80/head; Texel 4 tooth to £102/head; Welsh full mouth to £36/head.

Horses and ponies:

Ponies from private vendors sold well, with prices of £740 for a 13.2hh palomino part bred arab going nicely under saddle and £395 for an unregistered black mini-Shetland mare and coloured foal.

The majority of horses and ponies found new homes either through the ring or following the sale.


There was an excellent selection of tack and rugs on offer with the majority sold.

The next sale is on Saturday, October 12.

Dolgellau sale - September 13

FARMERS Marts reports entries of 17 breeding cows and calves, calved and in calf heifers, and 4,505 store sheep, including 2,894 breeding ewes, 703 cast ewes and rams, and 888 store lambs.

Prices: Organic Pedigree Welsh Black Cows with calf at heel from £1120 to £1680; Organic Pedigree Welsh Black Heifers with calf at heel to £1460 to £2050; Organic Pedigree Welsh Black In Calf Cows to £980; Welsh Black Heifers with WB Calf to £1040; Pedigree Welsh Black Second Calver with WB Calf to £1120; WB x AA In Calf Heifers to £830; Pedigree WB In Calf Heifers to £940; Welsh Cast Ewes to £33; Speckled Face Cast Ewes to £33.40; Welsh Wethers to £44; Crossbred Rams to £65; Texel Rams to £63; Speckled Face Breeding Ewes from £45 to £54; Strong Welsh Breeding Ewes from £60 to £98; Welsh Breeding Ewes from £31 to £61; Yearling Welsh Ewes to £90; Yearling Texel x Ewes to £77; Yearling Lleyn x Ewes to £67; Yearling Mule Ewes from £80 to £112; Organic Welsh Breeding Ewes to £54; Welsh Store Lambs to £53; Welsh Ewe Lambs to £39; Crossbred Store Lambs to £67; Crossbred Ewe Lambs to £61.40; Abberfield x Ewe Lambs to £59

Welshpool pure and crossbred ram sale - September 14

WELSHPOOL Livestock Sales is happy to report a second successful pure and crossbred ram sale that took place on Saturday, September 14.

There was a fantastic show of rams on offer from renowned breeders in Wales and England that lured a large crowd from all over the country with almost 200 purchasers.

It was clear that the best quality rams were in demand, with purchasers keenly contesting for those that presented power, shape and tight skins.

An overall average of £529.62 was achieved for the 385 rams sold, with an 82 per cent clearance rate.

Five rams sold for 1000gns or more with a top price of 1,520gns going to Red House Farm, Aberhafesp for a terrific Beltex x Texel ram selling to B Blandford & Sons, Netherton Farm, Herefordshire.

Red House Farm will now receive the £150 sponsorship prize kindly donated by J G Animal Health for the highest price ram.

Distanced vendor James Whiteford, of Tercrosset Farm, Brampton, Carlisle presented a terrific pen of six Beltex x Texel rams that attracted a large interest and achieved the highest average of the day of £883.75.

The second top price of the day of 1,100gns came out of this pen and sold to D Everiss, Ty Isa Gell, Llangernyw.

James will also receive a £150 sponsorship prize kindly donated by Gamic Trailers Ltd for the highest pen average.

Top prices:

Lot 135 – 1520gns from Red House Farm, Aberhafesp sold to B Blandford & Sons, Netherton Farm, Herefordshire; Lot 213 – 1100gns from James Whiteford, Tercrosset sold to D Everiss, Ty Isa Gell, Llangernyw; Lot 107 – 1080gns from GE Davies & Sons, Cwmbromley sold to E Jones & Son, Goitre, Kerry; Lot 100 – 1000gns from TH Roberts, Bachymbyd Bach sold to Jones Bros, Caer Weirglodd, Ruthin; Lot 215 – 1000gns from James Whiteford, Tercrosset sold to JJ Greenow, Penyworlow, Abergavenny.

Top averages:

James Whiteford, Tercrosset, 6 x (Beltex x Texel), Average £883.75, Top price 1100gns; EL Evans & Co, Green Farm, 5 x (Texel), Average, £808.50, Top price 920gns; Tecwyn Jones, Ty Newydd, 8 x (Beltex x Texel), Average £787.50, Top price, 900gns x 3; JR Joseph & Co, Lloyney, 10 x (Beltex x Texel), Average £719.25, Top price 900gns; RE & CJ Davies, Boycott Hall, 10 x (Texel), Average £712.95, Top price, 800gns x 3.

Welsh Hill Speckled Face Sheep Society sale at Welshpool - September 14

AN increased demand was witnessed for the highest quality exhibits at this year's society sale, with the ram average price exceeding 600 guineas.

Ten entries succeeded to cross the 1,000-guinea barrier with the 2 year old rams finding special favour.

The highest price of 1,800 guineas was secured by H & S Watkins, Camen for one of their yearling consignment on the bid of Tom

Evans, Pendre.

The Camen family were to be congratulated for securing seven 1,000-guinea plus sales during the day.

Others to cross the 1,000-guinea barrier were Myrddin Jones and Alun Davies.

Judges Gwyndaf Roberts and Ifan Lloyd distributed the prizes as follows.

Aged rams: 1, H & S Watkins; 2, H & S Watkins; 3, Aled & Cenin.

Yearling rams 1, H & S Watkins; 2, Tom Evans; 3, Myrddin Jones.

Ram lambs: 1, Tomos Roberts; 2, Tomos Roberts; 3, Dei & Rhys.

Ewes / ewe lambs: 1, David & Rhys Jones; 2, Alwyn Watkins.

The 2 year old ram from H & S Watkins, Camen, was chosen as champion, with another fine example from the same stable as reserve.

The champion realised 1,300 guineas on the offer of Dewi and Lois Roberts for their recently established flock at Beddgelert, with the reserve heading for Barhedyn, Aberhosan for an even healthier 1,500 guineas.

Females were once again in high demand with all selling well.

The champion pen of four ewe lambs from David and Rhys Jones,

Cwm, Carno, secured a 140-guinea bid from Richard Howatson, Denbigh, who also captured the highest priced pair of ewes from Ceunant, Llanfihangel at 190 guineas.

Welshpool market - September 16

BARREN and cull cows (33):

A similar number of OTM cattle on offer during the week, seeing a top price of £1319.50 (ppkg) for a Charolais x OTM weighing in at 910kg from Roberts & Jones, Parc.

HG Rees Ltd, Hiriaeth made 165ppkg for a Limousin x weighing 677kg making £1117.05.

Younger cows (48-72 months) topped at £723.69 (129ppkg) for a Blonde d'Aquitaine x weighing 561kg from E Ll Jones, Bryngwaeddan.

TT Jones & Co, Brynaire Uchaf made 100ppkg for a British Blue x weighing 643kg, making £643.

Heifers under 48 months topped at £939.82 (137ppkg) for a heifer weighing 686kg from JE & JT Evans & Son, Upper Cefn Penarth.

E Ll Jones, Bryngwaeddan made 158ppkg for a Blonde d'Aquitaine x weighing 475kg, making £750.50.

Averages of the day were as follows: OTM Cows (21) 114.51ppkg / £790.75; OTM Bull (1) 106ppkg / 919.02; Cows 48-72 Months (3) 114.9ppkg / £668.36; Heifers Under 48 months (6) 135.9ppkg / £814.95; Steers Under 48 months (1) 129ppkg / £997.17; Bulls Under Under 72 months (1) 122ppkg / £1266.36; Overall Average 118.48ppkg.

Prime lambs (3,573):

An entry of lambs forward sold to return an average of 162ppkg, with a top price of 203ppkg for a pen of lambs weighing 43kg, making £87.50 from S Lane, New Hall, and £99/head for 68kg lambs from HW Thomas, Hengaeua.

A smaller number of lambs forward, due to a lot of vendors being on a movement standstill, sold to a slightly better trade than the previous week, which was in line with other local and national

livestock market prices.

Again, most demand was for the better fleshed lambs and better bred / quality types, which still continue to sell to above 200ppkg.

Heavier weight (especially 55+ kilos) found a competitive trade and were sold at slightly better prices than a week earlier.

Light weight, under 35 kilo lambs, also found a bit more demand, especially the better meated ones.

Most difficult to sell on the day were the second quality, mid-weight lambs, especially if they were leaner, and all vendors are encouraged to draw their lambs which are well fleshed, in the coming weeks.

Lights (150) to 170ppkg from E & E Jones, Rhiwgam. Others to 169ppkg from L Botwood, Caestogion; Average of 162.78ppkg.

Standards (482) to 191ppkg from B Hughes, Tynewydd and DWP Griffiths, Park Lodge. Others to 186ppkg from RJT & GE Jones & Son, Penwtra; Average of 163.86ppkg.

Mediums (1776) to 203ppkg from S Lane, New Hall. Others to 190ppkg from JL Andrew, Trewern Cottage; Average of 160.6ppkg.

Heavies (950) to 188ppkg from Messrs Meredith, Lodge Farm. Others to 184ppkg from Red House Farm, Aberhafesp; Average of 158.44ppkg.

Cull sheep (1,922):

There was a smaller entry of 1,899 cull ewes that sold to a very similar trade to the previous week with an overall average of £51.28 being achieved (+£5.80 on the week) but the ewes in general were stronger.

Once again, demand was strong throughout with the top price £128 going to a terrific pen of 15 Texel ewes from JS & A Howells, Shadog Farm.

Cull rams also sold to a sharp trade with a top price of £100 being achieved by Red House Farm, Aberhafesp.

Texel ewes to £128; Texel x ewes to £105; Suffolk x ewes to £88; Mule ewes to £75; Welsh ewes to £66.

Store lambs (417)

There was a reduced entry of store lambs, albeit they sold to a good trade with strong buying demand throughout.

Texel x theaves sold to £61 and £60, and Mules to £60.

Beltex x mixed and clean lambs sold to £67 from S Lane, New Hall with other Beltex x to £60, Texels to £59, £56 and £53.50.

Charollais tups sold to £65 from P Andrew, Llanoddion Ganol with others to £64 twice, £61 and £60.

Averages: Overall £55.56; Theaves £55.91; Mixed and clean £56.64; Tups £54.23.

Breeding ewes:

A catalogued entry of 2,500 ewes sold to a brisk trade.

The sale had kindly been sponsored by British Wool, who offered prize money for the highest priced pen of 10 or more yearlings of the following breeds:

Texels: £168, Price & Price, Cwmearl. Welsh Mules: £150, WP Owen, Cefn Uchaf; £150 JM & A Jones, Wig. Welsh: £198, RG & JL Peate, Cwmderw. Beulah: £168, G Bound & Son, Cefn Bach.

The inclusion of the annual consignment from the Old Llanidloes Sheep Fair proved popular as Tudor Bound's run of 140 Beulah 2 year olds and yearlings peaked at £210 and averaged £174.

David Jerman's consignment of 190 Welsh 3 year old ewes were also shown keen interest as they topped at £180 and average £143.

Jonathan Evans' run of 10 improved Welsh yearlings again sold to an impressive trade peaking at £178 and averaging £153.

Messrs Jones, Wig presented 110 Welsh mule yearlings that hit £150 three times and averaged £144.

Texel yearlings sold to £168, £162 and £155. Suffolk yearlings sold to £130, £125 and £120. Mule yearlings sold to £150 x4, £148, £146 and £145 x3. Beulah yearlings sold to £168, £165, £162 and £160. Welsh yearlings sold to £198, £178, £168 and £158.

A small run of 62 mule ewe lambs from AJ Jones, Middle Farm sold to an impressive trade peaking at £102 and averaging £94.

Averages: Yearlings from £68 to £198, Average £126; 2 year olds from £58 to £210, Average £148; 3 year olds from £72 to £180, Average £119; Full mouth from £36 to £110, Average £82; As found from £62 to £102, Average £77; Ewe lambs from £90 to £102, Average £94.