COUNCILLORS in Prestatyn have adopted an action plan which will see them play a part when it comes to tackling climate change.

The plan involves actions such as engaging with schools/youth groups, carrying out energy efficiency audits on Council owned centres/office, recycling more, discouraging use of single use plastic and engaging with shops and businesses, encouraging deposit return schemes, tree planting and turning off electronic devices instead of leaving them on standby.

A spokesperson from Prestatyn Town Council said: "The town council recognises that extreme weather events are happening all over the globe and on the North Wales coast we have not been immune to it. It poses challenges to most aspects of our everyday lives including homes, transport, agriculture and other services.

"It is clear that we must act locally and globally to limit the rise to 1.5 degrees to avoid the disastrous effects of global warming on our communities, and with ambitious action it will be achievable if residents and businesses adopt an action plan of their own.

"Prestatyn Town Council have an adopted environmental policy, added to which they have now drawn up an action plan which they will implement.

"The Council will encourage all residents and businesses to play their part in endeavours to achieve this."