SAFETY advice is being issued as lifeguards sign off across North Wales following the summer season.

Daily RNLI lifeguard patrols on beaches in Rhyl and Prestatyn have now come to a close.

Anyone set to travel to beaches in the area are advised take some precautions including telling a family member of friend where they are going.

Max Evans, lifeguard supervisor for Denbighshire, said: “Now that the daily lifeguard patrols on Rhyl and Prestatyn beach have finished, we are encouraging beach goers to be extra cautious on the coast.

“You should always check the weather forecast and tide times before you set off, and stay aware of changing tides and currents.

“Our lifeguards have done a great job this season, preventing and responding to many different incidents, and we hope that everyone has enjoyed visiting the beaches this summer.”

Volunteer lifeboat crews remain on call all year round, but the public should be mindful about respecting the water.

Prior to a visit to a beach, check the weather forecast and tide tides. Visitors and residents should be mindful of off-shore winds, rip currents, and powerful waves.

As the weather worsens in September, be wary of cold water shock.

Anything below 15°C is defined as cold water and can affect breathing and movement. The average sea temperature in the UK and Ireland is just 12°C.

The RNLI promote Float To Live; this advises anyone struggling in cold sea water to fight their instinct to swim hard and panic and instead, float on their back, make efforts to controlled breathing and then either call for help or swim back to shore.

The charity also recommends that people save their inflatables for the swimming pool, and don’t use them out at sea.