A YOUNG Prestatyn aerial artist has "stolen the heart" of an international circus owner.

At the UK Aerial Performance Championships, held at the Russell's International Circus big top in Mablethorpe, Elevation Aerial Arts has triumphed once again in major competition with all of its nine entrants placing in the top three of their respective categories.

Among the students wowing the judges was nine year performer Kiki Walsh, who following the competition was awarded a slot performing at the circus that evening.

Elevation Aerial Arts owner Sam Palomba, who won the doubles herself in 2016 and 17, said: "Kiki has stole the heart circus owner's heart and he was so impressed he asked her to guest perform that evening in the show and cut out one of the professional acts to fit her in"

"She was not nervous at all and wowed the crowds. Lots of people came over and said she was the star of the show which is amazing at the age of ten."

The Ysgol y Llys pupil is well on her way to following in the footsteps of former Elevation Arts instructor Talia Hawker, who in 2017 was called up to be a regular performer for the circus, before relocating to another circus in Ireland, after winning the Instructor's Aerial Silk category.

Miss Walsh caught the attention of Rusty Russell while competing in the Aerial Silk category third alongside fellow students Sophie Morgan, nine, who came second, and Emily Richards, 13, who placed first.

Competing in separate age categories, Gabriella Pritchard, 12, came second and Elin Pot, 14, third in their Aerial Hammock competitions, while trapeze instructor Jennifer Quinlan came second in the Open Instructor's category.

The school also excelled in the Youth Lyra category - the aerial hoop - with Honey Bradford, 12, placing third and Emily Christopher, 12, placing first before going on to win the overall youth title.

Mrs Palomba added: "I'm so incredibly proud of everyone who competed, they all nailed their routines and fantastic job. To have Emily place first and then go on to win the overall youth title is a massive achievement

"The standard at the competition was very high this year, the girls have been competing against people from as far away as China so to have everybody place in the top three is even more amazing."