A SPIRITED security guard's dance moves have delighted visitors to Rhyl for the Air Show.

The security guard was filmed using dance moves to direct people to the weekend's entertainment.

Filmed by Rhuddlan resident and Air Show regular Joanna Bradford, a video of the "happiest" security guard has already received more than 6,500 views on social media.

Mrs Bradford said: "I was watching with a group of eight friends who have an apartment with a balcony overlooking the prom, we were all watching her and she definitely added to the fun and enjoyment of the afternoon. We are all locals and watch the Air Show each year and yes she was definitely a highlight of the day.

"She was at the entrance of the Sun Verge car park and was dancing to the music they were playing for most of the afternoon on and off.

"She was engaging with people as they passed and even ‘flossed’ for a while with a young boy who was with his parents.

"Her moves were amazing and made us all smile and she really added to the fun of the day."