A BOY was inspired by a book to undergo a hair cut and donate his locks to the Little Princess Trust.

Ted Parry Edwards, of Rhyl, attended St George primary school in Abergele. He is joining St Brigid's Catholic Primary School in September.

The seven-year-old was inspired to cut his hair after reading The Midnight Gang by David Walliams, which tells the story of Sally who has lost her hair to chemotherapy.

Ted, who has sister Cherish, has always had long hair. His mum Corrine Parry said his friends have always accepted him, but he has experienced 'ridicule from outsiders'.

Rhyl Journal:

Ted during his hair cut

Corrine has been keen to install in her son to stick to whatever makes him feel happy.

She said: "Ted loves his hair and doesn’t care that society tells us boys have short hair and girls to have long. He has been mistaken for a girl since he was a baby due to his pretty face, so having long hair made it happen more often.

"Adults and children he doesn’t know have commented on his hair, telling him ‘it’s time for a haircut’.

"I like to instil in my children self love and that no matter what others say, it is how they feel about themselves.

"He decided to donate all his beautiful hair to children 'who deserve it' - his words - after reading the book. The book speaks of young Sally losing her hair and he felt very saddened by this.

"He is a very sensitive boy. Through reading the book, he mentioned to me that he wanted to give children his hair as he feels lucky he can grow his so easily.

"I mentioned it was possible and a few nights later, he said he wanted to do it."

Ted is keen to grow his hair again and to keep donating.

He donated seven inches to the trust and 14 pieces of hair.

It was cut by Rebecca at The End Hair Design in Rhuddlan.

"Rebecca did a wonderful job and made him feel happy throughout," Corrine added.

"I am so very proud of him. This was especially lovely as he really loved his hair and identified his hair as one of his strengths, so to give it away must have been a tough decision for him.

"We are expected to cut out son's hair short and leave our daughter's hair long, but that has not been the case for myself and Ted.

"We want our children to know that whatever makes them feel happy and relaxed is what they should stick to.

"All of the staff there were so kind [at The End Hair Design] and so very proud of him for keeping his hair all these years - despite what others say."