COASTGUARDS had to advise two people of the dangers of inflatables after they began to drift in a dinghy off Talacre beach in Flintshire on Monday.

Flint Coastguard Rescue Team (FCRT) were tasked, along with their counterparts from Rhyl, at around 1.30pm to reports that two people were drifting from the shore in the inflatable.

However, once the the team from Flint arrived at the scene, the Officer in Charge (OIC) spoke to the persons involved, who had made themselves known to the crew.

A spokesman for FCRT said: "Flint Coastguard OIC spoke to the persons involved who were a little shaken up, but didn’t need any further care from the coastguard teams on scene.

"He explained the reasons why they were drifting out from the shore and gave appropriate advice regards to the future of said inflatable."

The Flint RNLI Lifeboat was also tasked to the incident but were stood down prior to arrived on the scene.