DID someone call for the nurse?

As part of 50th anniversary celebrations for Holiday On the Buses, a cast reunion is being held.

Cast will head to Prestatyn and Rhyl on the weekend of August 17 and 18.

Richard Coghill, event operations coordinator, said: "Kate Williams (pictured with Bob Grant) and the rest of the surviving cast will head to Prestatyn and Rhyl as part of the official 50th anniversary celebrations of the series.

"A weekend of filming locations tours, photo shoots, Q&A sessions and viewing of the movie will bring the nostalgia back to the area where the movie was filmed in 1973 at Pontins Holiday Camp and in surrounding areas of Prestatyn and Rhyl.

"It's amazing the cult following the film has attracted over the last couple of decades and even more amazing that the On the Buses spin off films were made by Hammer the masters of Horror."

Richard said that for fans, the fact that so many filming location still exist at the holiday camp and other areas, such as Rhuddlan Bridge and Dyserth Falls, is "kind of a holy grail".

"It brings you that bit closer to the film," he added.

"It will really hit home when the movie is watched in the same room where the Old Time Dancing took place in the film."

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The team is looking to trace any of 'Blakey's security staff'. If you appeared in the film, or would like to become involved - including businesses that would like to sponsor the event - email eventopsco@hotmail.com