A WOMAN’s dream of recovering childhood memories enshrined in Rhyl has come true thanks to Prestatyn people power.

For more than two decades, the name of mum-of-two Lisa Woodcock, from Burslem in Stoke-on-Trent remained written in cement at her grandparents old home on Eastville Avenue.

Not only has the sentimental monument survived the test of time - and avoided being resurfaced - now following an outpouring support from members of Facebook Group Prestatyn Connect it is set to be restored to its rightful owner.

Mrs Woodcock, 29, said: “My late nana Patricia and grandad Graham moved from Stoke on Trent to live in Rhyl many years ago and it's somewhere that me and my family spent so much time and made so many memories.”

“Sadly around 1995 my nana was diagnosed with cancer and they decided to move back home to be close with family and to spend their time back in Stoke.

“I've not been back to the bungalow where I spent so much of my childhood but my grandad put my name in concrete when I was little and it’s a memory I've always held on to. I always wondered if it was still there but life got in the way and I've never been back.”

However. when Mrs Woodcock found herself in the area on a day trip to Llandudno on Monday, July 29, her curiosity led her to try and hunt down her grandparents former home, despite no longer remembering where the property was.

After returning home, Mrs Woodcock searched for properties on the street online, before finding it and turning to Prestatyn Connect and receiving overwhelming support to track down the current owner

Rhyl Journal:

The post on Prestatyn Connect received an outpouring of support - - updated here after Mrs Woodcock successfully located the property

Mrs Woodcock, who works for Vodafone, added: “I asked for help to find t and little did I know that the amount of comments and 120 shares would find the homeowners who happily obliged and lifted my name off his drive.”

Not only did Mrs Woodcock receive good news about the fondly remembered monument of her own, but after some digging it was also discovered that the was yet more personalised concrete with her grandparents names and dates of birth, as well as another with the of names her cousins Brad and Connor too. Through the appeal, she's also managed to make contact with two of her childhood friends from Rhyl, and the items are soon to make their way to her.

“I've had offers of people willing to knock on their door, post messages with my details and people even wanting to give up their time to take the pieces up for me and to replace the concrete. I've also had offers of people trying to get the pieces to me in Stoke.

“I am completely overwhelmed, so grateful and so thankful for every comment, every message and every share. My dream is now a reality as these special memories and pieces of concrete will soon be on their way to us so that we can have these final pieces of my nana and grandad with us.”