THE dead have risen and taken to Snowdon to raise awareness on cardiac risks for young people.

Rhyl musician Danny Mccall has scaled the rangers path as his alter ego, the zombie rock 'Drop Dead Dan' to help raise more than £1,000 on the Sam Standerwick Memorial Fund's 'The Snowdon Walk'.

To make the climb on behalf of the charity - which was set up in memory of Llandullas gym enthusiast Sam by his father Standerwick after his death from an undetected heart condition in 2016 - Mr Mccall wore his full stage costume comprising a zombie mask, jeans, Dr Martens boots and a leather jacket.

Mr McCall, said: "It was incredibly tough - I don't recommend anyone to wear jeans and Dr Martens climbing any mountain.

"The oxygen gets thinner, it was cold, windy and foggy for a majority of the climb up.

"But on the way down the sun came out and we were able to see for miles - it was an incredible experience.

"It was one hell of a challenge and I'm so proud of myself for making it to the summit - as far as I know no one else has done this."

Mr Mccall, who adopted the undead stage persona as a means to overcome his own issues with mental health, was introduced to the charity by his sister, personal trainer Kayley McCall.

Mr McCall added: "I never had the pleasure of meeting Sam personally, but I always heard amazing things about him through my sister and her friends. His father Adrian is an incredible man and has done some much for local charities and when I found out about the walk I had to say yes."

To help support Mr McCall and the Sam Standerwick Memorial Fund, visit