STAFF have been left devastated after thieves ransacked their charity shop.

The break-in happened overnight at Mind Charity Shop, on Bodfor Street in Rhyl, on Saturday, July 20.

The offenders got away with the safe - which had more than £200 in it. They also trashed the shop and took food and savings; the staff had been collecting money towards a new filing cabinet.

It is believed the burglars entered via the toilet window, which did have bars across it.

Jan Cotton, assistant manager of Mind Charity Shop in Rhyl, said: "We are devastated. We have an amazing team of volunteers. We spent yesterday cleaning up. We are a resilient bunch but this has knocked the stuffing out of me.

Rhyl Journal:

It is understood the thieves came through the window in the toilet

"One of my volunteers Joan came in on Sunday morning, at about 9.15am, and discovered the break in. When she phoned me she was hysterical, I thought she'd had an accident.

"I am so angry. It is Joan's anniversary coming up this week and it was meant to be a special week.

"I went from being tearful to raging in about 10 minutes."

The offenders took food out of the fridge and trashed the place.

Rhyl Journal:

The shop was ransacked

Jan added: "The police informed us that because one bar wasn't screwed in enough, they managed to bend it. This has now been rectified and all the windows have been reinforced.

"There was clothing everywhere and they have taken the safe.

"Joan was in a state of shock. We waited for the police to come before we cleared up.

Rhyl Journal:

Clothes were thrown everywhere and money was taken

"They have taken food out of the fridge and taken items of value - such as cameras. We also had some spare cash in the office as we were saving for a filing cabinet.

"The safe, we don't know if they were even able to get into it. It won't even be worth their while but the money meant a lot to us.

"It is very upsetting," Jan added, who has been at Mind for more than a year.

"We have such a brilliant team and we all have the same goal."

A spokesperson from North Wales Police said: "We received a call at 9.38am on Sunday, July 21 to a report of a break in at a property on Bodfor Street, Rhyl.

"Inquiries are currently ongoing."

Anyone with information is asked to telephone police on 101.