Ruthin primestock sale - July 16

RUTHIN Farmers' Auction reports sales of 2,790 prime lambs to 235.3ppk / £112; 731 cull ewes and rams to £112 and four prime cattle to 244ppk / £1,344.00.

New season lambs:

There was a very good entry of 2,790 lambs, with early signs of demand for tup lambs.

Trade peaked at 235.3ppk.

Contact Elfor Morris to discuss or just take your lambs to the auction anytime between 6am and 10am.

Lambs are also required on Fridays.

Top priced:

Light lambs: 178.1ppk by J P Jones, Rhedyn Coch and £57 from the same vendor.

Standard lambs: 235.3ppk by D G L Owens, Awelfryn and £86 by I P Jones, Maes Tyddyn.

Medium lambs: 225.0ppk by D G L Owens and £91 by R Pierce, Ochr Cefn.

Heavy lambs: 200.0ppk by I P Jones, Maes Tyddyn and £97 by I H Morris & Son, Penrhewl.

Light to 178.1, Average 176.9; Standard to 235.3, Average 182.7; Medium to 225.0, Average 180.4; Heavy to 200.0, Average 179.6; Overall Average 180.9; SQQ 181.1.

Cull ewes and rams (auctioneer: Paul Roberts):

A very good entry with trade remaining similar to the previous couple of weeks.

Bigger ewes were a brisk trade.

Top price rams / ewes: £112.00 by Oldford Texels, Oldfield; Texel ewes to £112.00; Cross Bred ewes to £100.00; Charolais rams to £100.00; Charolais ewes to £100.00; Texel rams to £90.00; Welsh rams to £40.00; Welsh ewes to £35.00; Overall Ewes / Rams Average £58.50.

Prime cattle:

Once again, there was a lot of quality about.

Many more are required on a weekly basis, including OTM cattle, with excellent loading and unloading facilities making it an easy process for both vendors and purchasers.

Top priced per kilo was a 505kg heifer by H J & F J Williams, Maes Gadfa achieving 244.0ppk.

The top priced beast was a 560kg Limousin heifer by J H & S W Burns & Son, Dan y Deri at £1,344.00.

Overall average: 238.3ppk.

St Asaph livestock market - July 11

NEW season lambs (3,119):

A good entry was forward with, again, the very best in great demand.

Ram Lambs were wanted, but the better ewe Lambs were also well sold.

Top price Light – 217p/kg shown by G E & M Ellis, Twnan and 65/head shown by the same vendors.

Top price Standard – 253p/kg shown E Jones, Gosen and £93.50/head shown by the same vendor.

Top price Medium – 256p/kg shown by E Jones, Graig Goch and £110.50/head shown by the same vendor.

Top price Heavy – 225p/kg shown by G R & E W Davies, Nant Hir and £117/head shown by the same vendors.

Top price Overweight – 183p/kg shown by B A H Davies, Ochr y Gop and £99/head shown by the same vendor; SQQ 192.96

Light ave 182.03p/kg to 217.00p/kg to £65.00/hd; Standard ave 190.35p/kg to 253.00p/kg to £93.50/hd; Medium ave 195.03p/kg to 256.00p/kg to £110.50/hd; Heavy ave 187.22p/kg to 225.00p/kg to £117.00/hd; Overweight ave 175.24p/kg to 183.00p/kg to £99.00/hd.

Old season lambs (10):

SQQ 98.58; Standard ave 100.00p/kg to £37.00/hd; Medium ave 101.15p/kg to £44.00/hd; Heavy ave 97.74p/kg to 110.00p/kg to £55.00/hd.

Cull ewes and rams (1,287):

More ewes forward were slightly easier, with the best Texels to £124; Welsh to £44 and tups to £90.

Ewes to £124.00/hd, ave £53.99/hd; Rams to £90.00/hd, ave £60.15/hd.

Beef cattle (6):

Cattle was a good trade, with steers to 180p/kg and heifers to 185p/kg from H Roberts, Ty Croes.

Steers (1): Heavy to 180.00p/kg to £1,026.00/hd.

Heifers (5): Heavy ave 179.94p/kg to 185.00p/kg to £1,278.00/hd.

Mold primestock sale - July 15

THERE was a huge entry of 306 beef cattle and cull cows.

In what was a potentially record entry of cull cows, with 147 forward, the increased numbers had no impact on trade, which was on fire!

All buyers around the ring were keen to fill their orders.

More cows are needed again in coming weeks.

The beef trade was slightly different from the above, with a bumper entry of 159 being met by a more depressed trade compared to the last few weeks, seemingly more in line with other centres.

Meanwhile, there was a nice entry of lambs with a steady trade.

Prime cattle (157 entries - 54 hfrs, 51 strs, 52 bulls):

Heifers (under 30m): Heavy Continental Heifers to 205 (1342.75), Av 186.67; Medium Continental Heifers to 200, Av 180.41; Light Continental Heifers to 190, Av 185; Heavy Native Heifers to 179, Av 169.25; Medium Native Heifers to 175, Av 169.50; Medium Friesian Heifers to 140, Av 132.50.

Steers (under 30m): Heavy Continental Steers to 200, Av 180; Medium Continental Steers to 218, Av 186.50; Light Continental Steers to 208, Av 178.29; Heavy Native Steers to 178, Av 173.50; Medium Native Steers to 184, Av 174.80; Light Native Steer to 160, Av 160; Medium Friesian Steers to 146, Av 144.50.

Bulls (under 30m): Heavy Continental Bulls 200, Av 198; Medium Continental Bulls to 205, Av 179.62; Light Continental Bulls 220, Av 184.57; Medium Native Bulls to 200, Av 174.89; Light Native Bulls to 160, Av 152.50; Heavy Friesian Bulls to 155, Av 155; Medium Friesian Bulls to 155, Av 134.33; Light Friesian Bulls to 130, Av 124.

Heifers (30-36m): Heavy Continental Heifers to 169, Av 162.60; Medium Continental Heifers to 163, Av 163; Heavy Native Heifers to 160, Av 147.50; Heavy Friesian Heifers to 130, Av 124; Medium Friesian Heifers to 116, Av 116.

Steers (30-36m): Heavy Continental Steers to 166, Av 163; Medium Continental Steers to 164, Av 164; Heavy Native Steers to 166, Av 160; Medium Native Steers to 166, Av 163; Heavy Friesian Steers to 130, Av 117; Medium Friesian Steers to 134, Av 134.

Heifers (over 36m): Heavy Continental Heifers to 173, Av 155.63; Medium Continental Heifers to 176, Av 170.50; Light Native Heifers to 152, Av 152.

Steers (over 36m): Light Continental Steers to 120, Av 120; Medium Native Steers to 165, Av 165; Heavy Friesian Steers to 120, Av 120; Medium Friesian Steers to 115, Av 115.

Cull cows (147 entries - 104 dairy, 43 beef):

Lim cows to 173, 165, 161 (1202.35), (1102.85), (1023); BrB Cows to 153, 147, 138 (971.55), (918.75), (903.90); Top 10 Beef Cows Av 147.20 (999.82); Top 20 Beef Cows Av 137.40 (927.43); Overall beef cow av 122p; HF Cow to 131, 129, 128 etc (1080.75), (1038.45) (977.90); HO cows to 124 (1147); BF Cows to 129, 128 etc (844.95), (806.40); Top 10 Dairy cows Av 127.10 (970.57); Top 20 Dairy cows Av 123 (890.38); Top 30 Dairy cows Av 119.40 (843.09); Overall Dairy Cow Av 97.60.

Cull bulls (2 entries): A BrB Bull achieved a record price of £1940.20 (1090kg at 178p/k); Lim bull 905 Kg at 140p - £1267.

Lambs (446 entries): Light to 175, Av 175; Standard t0 184, Av 180.90; Medium to 186, Av 181.90; Heavy to 183, Av 177; Sqq 181.80.

Ewes: Ewes to 70, Av 53.04.

Ruthin primestock sale - July 12

RUTHIN Farmers' Auction reports sales of 440 prime lambs to 200.0ppk / £90 and 139 cull ewes and rams to £80.

New season lambs:

There was a good weekly entry of 440 lambs, with a good trade on all types.

Anybody who has lambs to sell should not hesitate in contacting Richard Lloyd on 07557 230777.

Top priced:

Light lambs: 187.1ppk by R & E Williams & Son, Hendre and £58 from the same vendor.

Standard weight lambs: 200.0ppk by R & E Williams & Son, Hendre and £78 from the same vendor.

Medium lambs: 196.6ppk by I V & M C Evans, Bryn Ffynnon and £86.50 from the same vendor.

Heavy lambs: 177.1ppk by Hitchmough, Pant y Mel and £90 from J P Williams, Bron Eyarth.

Standard to 187.1, Average 181.9; Medium to 200.0, Average 185.7; Heavy to 196.6, Average 187.7; Overweight to 177.1, Average 175.5; Overall Average 185.6; SQQ 185.8.

Cull ewes:

Blu ewes to £80 by G Davies, Penrallt; Texel ewes to £75; Mule ewes to £65; Beulah ewes to £65; Welsh ewes to £45; Overall average £30.27.

As with the lambs, ewes are required weekly.

Llanrwst market - July 16

THERE was an increased entry of lambs.

They met a similar trade, with cull ewes an excellent trade.

Lambs (756): Lights (56) to 187p, av 185.8p; Standards (362) to 195p, av 180p; Mediums (310) to 196p, av 180p; Heavy (28) to 186p, av 185p.

Ewes (155):

Welsh to £50; Strong xbred to £99; Plainer xbred to £75; Others to £60.

Beef (9):

Short Bulls to 160p; OTM highland str to 150p; OTM WB Hfrs to 185p; Limx hfrs to 190p; Fri hfrs to 135p.

Highest priced:

Lambs (ppk): G Roberts, Carreg y Fran, Siloam, Betws y Coed.

Lambs (per head): I Davies, Hafod y Maidd, Glasfryn, Corwen.

Ewes: E L Jones, Beudy Gwyn, Siloam, Rhydlanfair, Betws y Coed.

Beef (ppk): C W Davies, Coed y Bryn, Llansannan.

Beef (per head): D T Owen & Co, Tan Dderwen, Henryd, Conwy.

Ruthin store and breeding sale - July 11

RUTHIN Farmers' Auction reports sales of 39 store cattle to £1,070.00; 48 calves to £390; 15 OTM cattle to £1,413; nine cows with calves at foot to £1,350; 29 new season store lambs to £70; 23 breeding ewes to £99 and one breeding bull to £1,386.

Calves (Auctioneer: Dafydd Parry):

There was an entry of 48 calves on show.

A good multi-breed entry sold to £390 for a two-month-old Limousin bull.

This was followed closely behind by a 7 week old Limousin bull achieving £375.

Topping the prices within the British Blue consignments was a two month old heifer calf at £295.

A regular vendor showed another pen of good quality BB calves selling between £200 and £250.

Other entries included FKV 6 week old calves achieving £210 and Aberdeen Angus x calves to £150.

The auction is expecting a large number of calves on a weekly basis.

Anybody looking to sell calves can contact Dafydd Parry on 07780 924460 with their entry prior to sale and to discuss the trade.

If they are looking to purchase, they can also contact Dafydd Parry to discuss the entries forward or add their number to the database to receive a text every Wednesday with the entries to hand.

Monthly calf competition:

Ruthin Farmers Auction has teamed up with Genus to run a monthly competition within the weekly calf section to win Genus vouchers.

The vendor with the highest priced calf, one month old and under sired by a Genus bull during each month, will be awarded a £50 voucher to spend on agricultural products.

Store cattle (auctioneers: Emyr Lloyd and Glyn Owens):

An increased entry remained a strong trade for the entries forward.


20m Limousin to £1,020.00 by G Jones & Co, Plas Drain; 24m Limousin to £920.00; 27m Limousin to £800.00; 27m Brit Blue to £975.00; 21m Brit Blue to £880.00; 34m Charolais to £850.00; 25m Charolais to £850.00; 18m Welsh Black to £775.00.


24m Limousin to £1,070.00 by H L & E A Williams & Daughter; 24m Simmental to £990.00 by Tyddyn Chambers; 13m Charolais to £855.00.


A total of 15 OTM cattle were forward.

More could have been sold in this section and more are required to meet current demand.

9 year old Limousin to 165.0ppk; 4 year old Limousin to 157.0ppk; 10 year old Limousin to 147.0ppk; The 4 year old Limousin weighed 900kg totalling £1,413.

Breeding bull:

The advertised entry of a 21 month pure unregistered Simmental bull sold for £1,386.

Sheep section:

Breeding ewes (auctioneer: Paul Roberts):

The second entry of the season of breeding ewes for early lamb production.

Texel full mouth ewes sold to £99 and Lleyn to £76.

Store lambs (auctioneer: Elfor Morris):

There was an excellent entry of 291 lambs.

Trade remained brisk, returning an overall average all through of £51.50.

Texel to £70; Cross Bred to £60; Suffolk to £57.50; Mule to £52; Welsh to £37.

Mold straw sales

THERE was a bumper week of straw sales!

Demand was very strong as all three sales averaged over £70/acre.

Monday, July 8:

A total of 550 acres of standing wheat straw of behalf of E A Reed & Sons Ltd, Ashfield Hall Farm, Wirral.

A large crowd of buyers gathered to see 26 lots on offer on the evening.

Prices ranged from £48 to £102/acre, leaving an overall average of £70/acre.

Wednesday, July 10:

A total of 87.2 acres of standing oats, wheat and barley straw on behalf of Mr I Jones & Family, Oaks Farm, Hawarden.

Another large crowd of buyers gathered to see 7 lots on offer on the evening.

Prices ranged from £50 to £102/acre. Only one lot made under £78/acre, which left an overall average of £80/acre.

Friday, July 12:

A total of 114.15 acres of standing oats and barley straw on behalf of Mr & Mrs D Jones, Leeswood Farm, Mold.

A large crowd of buyers gathered at Mold auction to see nine lots of straw offered for sale.

Prices ranged from £58 to £95/acre.

Only three lots sold under £78/acre, leaving an overall average of £72/acre.

Dolgellau market - July 12

FARMERS Marts reports entries of 881 cast ewes, rams, hoggets and store lambs.

Prices: Welsh Cast Ewes to £45; Welsh Rams to £51; Crossbred Cast Ewes to £83; Welsh Hoggs to £40; Charolais Cast Ewes to £72; Organic Crossbred Store Lambs to £50; Welsh Store Lambs to £43; Speckled Face Store Lambs to £38; Texel x Store Lambs to £55.40; Suffolk x Store Lambs to £47.40.

St Asaph livestock market - July 13

NEW season lambs (35):

Less lambs forward topped at £63.50/head from E Jones, Bryn Gors.

Light ave 169.35p/kg to £52.50/hd; Standard ave 151.43p/kg to 154.00p/kg to £53.50/hd; Medium ave 155.18p/kg to £63.50/hd.

Old ewes (3):

Ewes to £51.00/hd, ave £42.33/hd.

Ewe and lamb couples (9):

Texel doubles to £206/head; Ryland Singles to £85/head.

Mold stock sale - July 12

THERE were excellent entries in all sections again for mid-summer.

A fantastic show of 112 calves met strong demand throughout, with more buyers ringside.

Buyers were present for all breeds and ages.

There was a good selection of calves to meet all requirements.

Stores and stirks remained in good demand and they are still selling well.

A lovely show of eight quality dairy heifers returned an average of £1,645.

Suckler cattle (6 entries): Lim hfr (28m) with Lim bull calf (2m) to 1340; Lim hfr (30m) with Lim hfr calf (2m) to 1300; LIM cow (8yo) with Lim hfr calf (1m) to 1260; BB cow (7yo) to BB hfr calf (2m) to 1180.

Store cattle (85 entries): BB steers (23m) to 1125; Lim str (22m) to 1120; Sim steers (22m) to 1090; BA steers (21m) to 1060; AA str (20m) to 980; Here str (23m) to 880; SHO str (20m) to 820; BF str (22m) to 785; SALER bulls (10m) to 730; SAL hfr (21m) to 955; Lim hfr (21m) to 940; BB heifers (22m) to 910; SIM hfr (23m) to 860; HER hfr (22m) to 835.

Stirks (108 entries): Lim steers (12m) to 700; BB steers (5m) to 540; BB steers (5m) to 530; BA steers (4m) to 515; AA steers (7m) to 490; Lim hfr (7m) to 570; BB hfr (4m) to 450; BB hfr (4m) to 438; BB hfr (3m) to 430; AA hfr (4m) to 420.

Dairy (28 entries):

Heifers: HF cvd hfr to 1820, others to 1700, 1680, 1660; BF cvd hfrs to 1800, others to 1680, 1600.

Bulling hfrs: AYR (12m) to 510; AYR (9m) to 355.

Calves (112 entries):

Bulls: Lim bull to 348; Lim bull to 330; BB bull to 302; BB bull to 295; BB bull to 292; AA bull to 270; AA bull to 245; Sim bull to 248; Sim bull to 242; HER bull to 210; HER bull to 205; HER bull to 195; BF bull to 115; BF bull to 112; HF bull to 102; HF bull to 90; HF bull to 72.

Heifers: LIM hfr to 340; LIM hfr to 305; LIM hfr to 300; LIM hfr to 295; BB hfr to 292; BB hfr to 290; BB hfr to 280; SIM hfr to 265; SIM hfr to 255; SIM hfr to 250; HER hfr to 190; HER hfr to 185; HER hfr to 180.

Ruthin primestock sale - July 5

RUTHIN Farmers' Auction reports sales of 439 prime lambs to 207.3ppk / £94.50; 48 cull ewes and rams to £74 and 124 store and breeding pigs to £200.

New season lambs:

There was a very good entry of almost 500 lambs.

Again, a large number of buyers present resulted in a very good trade.

Anybody with lambs to sell should contact Richard Lloyd on 07557 230777.

Top priced:

Light lambs: 183.9ppk by G O Jones, Llwyn Celyn and £57 by the same vendor.

Standard weight lambs: 201.3ppk by I Evans, Wern Derw and £75.50 by the same vendor.

Medium lambs: 207.3ppk by B J Evans, Hafod Dafydd and £87 by E Y Davies & Son, Prion Uchaf.

Heavy lambs: 205.4ppk by S Harrison, Segrwyd and £94.50 by the same vendor.

Standard to 183.9, Average 170.1; Medium to 201.3, Average 185.1; Heavy to 207.3, Average 190.5; Overweight to 205.4, Average 173.2; Overall average 185.5; SQQ 187.1.

Cull ewes:

Suffolk ewes to £74 by G L Jones, Gelli, Glanrafon; Cross Bred ewes to £52; Texel ewes to £50; Welsh ewes to £28; Overall average £37.52.

As with the lambs, ewes are required weekly.

Store and breeding pigs (auctioneer: Richard Lloyd):

Following last month’s excellent trade, it was the same again with all entries in very good demand and another 100 per cent clearance.

The pre notified entries attracted a number of enquiries.

Topping the day’s prices was a 22 month Landrace in pig sow selling at £200.

The same vendor achieved £185 for a 22month large white in pig sow.

A couple of lots down the line also sold for £185, a registered sow from a different vendor.

There was a pen of a sow and eight piglets from Porthmadog, selling to a local purchaser for £175.

One of the pre-notified entries of forward conditioned Welsh Gilt eventually sold for £150.

A Welsh Gilt scanned in pig achieved £140.

A vendor from Llanrwst had a consignment of quality board and gilts selling to £70 and £65 respectively.

In the weanlings section, the strongest types were achieving £54 for 7 week old, with younger weanlings £24 and above.

Included here was a pen of 7 week old Pietrein boars to £36.

The last two sales have been 100 per cent clearances and the auction is getting a number of regular enquiries.

If anyone has pigs to sell, the process could not be easier.

Call 01824 705000.

Machynlleth sale - July 17


New season lambs: Light (364) ave 173.3p/kg; Standard (499) ave 171.5p/kg; Medium (80) ave 175.3p/kg; Heavy (4) ave 166.0p/kg; SQQ 172.5.

Total cull ewes: Ave £35.00/hd.

Bryncir market - July 17


Steers: Light (2) ave 161.0p/kg.

Cull cows: Dairy sired (3) 90.0p/kg; Beef sired (5) ave 136.0p/kg; All cull cows ave 118.8p/kg.


New season lambs: Light (360) ave 169.7p/kg; Standard (323) ave 175.2p/kg; Medium (85) ave 179.9p/kg; SQQ 173.1.

Total cull ewes: Ave £64.40/hd.

Dolgellau market - July 15


New season lambs: Light (459) ave 177.5p/kg; Standard (184) ave 180.0p/kg; Medium (5) ave 175.6p/kg; SQQ 178.2.

Welshpool market - July 15


Heifers: Heavy (2) ave 137.5p/kg.

Cull cows: Beef sired (15) ave 122.4p/kg.


New season lambs: Light (438) ave 179.0p/kg; Standard (1,113) ave 180.9p/kg; Medium (1,692) ave 186.5p/kg; Heavy (483) ave 187.2p/kg; SQQ 183.5.

Total cull ewes: Ave £59.90/hd.