All pictures by Andy Grady.

THOUSANDS of people turned out to enjoy a weekend celebrating all things wood.

The 30-acre WoodFest Country Show site was filled with the hum and buzz of chainsaw carving and other extreme entertainment returned to Caerwys for the 19th time over the weekend.

Organisers have confirmed thousands of visitors turned out to watch live exhibitions including traditional logging, pole climbing, chainsaw carving, extreme mountain biking and more, as well as a new world record with Dan Whelan completing a 8.956 second climb up the 25m poles.

Karl Parsons, festival representative, said: “The whole event was based around a programme of sustainability and everyone really embraced that.

“We had free giveaway bottles and cups for drinking sodas.

“At festivals you typically find thousands of empty plastic glasses and bottles afterwards but we don’t have one.

“The big attractions were the chainsaw carvers, the 80 foot pole climbers and the lumberjack skills.

“We’re still counting how many people we had there, but we’re into five-figures.

“We’re highly delighted that again our locals are supporting the event.

“Although we never got the best weather it certainly detract from what was a great show.”

There were also culinary activities at the WoodFest Food Hall, including local cheeses, breads, meat and chutneys, as well as breweries and wines.