A RHYL’s father's dramatic weight lost has earned him a place in a list of top slimmers.

Ben Green, 33, made it through to the Slimming World man of the year 2019 Semi and National finals. There was 40 men involved from the UK and Ireland and Ben made it into the top 10 list.

Ben, of Rhyl, who has shed an an incredible 10 stone and four-pounds since March 2018, recently took part in a climb up Snowdon with fellow Slimming World members; those involved in the challenge had a combined weight loss of more than 250 stone.

At this latest event, held at Slimming World's headquarters in Derby, finalists had lost an impressive 366 stone and 11 pounds between them.

The factory worker, who is married to Elizabeth and has children Thomas, 11 and Ella, aged nine, said: "It didn't feel like a competition, no one had to be competitive. It was more like a celebration.

"Meeting the other male slimmers on the day was incredible. One man called Aaron Snares, who I had met once before and conquered Snowdon with, was also there as a semi finalist. We have build up an amazing friendship through Slimming World via Instagram.

"Some of the stories were heartbreaking and some were comical but when there was tears, there was only compassion and support.

"We have all suffered as a result of our weight, we have all been through traumatic times. Every man in the room could relate to one another."

Ben admitted that for years, he had struggled with his weight.

At his heaviest last year, he was almost 25 stone. He now weighs 14 stone and seven-pounds and at his group, he was awarded Greatest Loser and Man of the Year 2019.

Rhyl Journal:

Ben at his heaviest at 25 stone

"I watched loved ones become ill and lose their fight due to the devastating complications caused by obesity," Ben said.

"I have tried so many times to lose weight and become healthy to prevent myself myself becoming ill and being at a weight where I was at risk of a stroke or possible heart attack.

"It wasn't until I found Slimming World that I was able to lose enough weight to become be a healthy weight."

Rhyl Journal:

Ben Green lost nine stone 12.5 pounds with Slimming World and has a total loss of 10 stone and 4.5 pounds. This is Ben prior to his weight loss.

He added: "To have made it to the last 10 men from the UK at the final was incredible.

"It was such an achievement from being awarded my group's man of the year 2019, for my story to be selected by Slimming World and then receiving my semi finalist congratulations letter and invite for the event.

"To stand there tall and proud in front of a room of worthy, inspirational men was such an achievement for me."

During the event, Ben's height and weight was taken. Attendees met ex England international Emile Heskey, enjoyed a meet and greet with the former professional footballer as well as an inspirational talk.

"He spoke about his career and about never giving up," Ben said.

Rhyl Journal:

Ben proudly shows off his weight loss

"My consultant then walked around the room with my storyboard, showing it to judges. I explained my journey and how my weight had restricted me from so many things for so many years.

"After lunch, we were called back upstairs where there was a presentation. We were invited up one by one with our consultants, given a certificate and glass award.

"In the background on the large screen was a photo of everyone's before photographs. The average weight loss in the room was 10 stone on the screen, it was incredible to see the transformations.

Rhyl Journal:

With Emile Heskey

"The host held 10 black envelopes and announced the top 10 finalists. When they said 'from North Wales from Rhyl', that it was me, I looked at my consultant [Angela Higgins] and we both cried with tears of joy.

"By the end there wasn't a dry eye in the room.

"The winner was announced shortly afterwards."

Ben is now looking ahead to the future.

"I want to continue to achieve my dreams and life long ambitions," he said.

"My plan is to enjoy life to the full with my family and make up for the years that I lost not being able to take part with my children."