A STALKER who was said to have a sword and acid he would use “to kill anyone his former partner was with” has been jailed for 27 months.

Mark Oswell waged a campaign of harassment against his ex, Alexandra Jones, despite a restraining order being in place against him.

He bombarded her with text messages and went around to her home in Oakenholt, where on one occasion he threatened to “blow the door down” even though she was out at the time and her young son was home alone.

Judge Rhys Rowlands told Oswell his behaviour was “extremely disturbing” and that he didn’t appear prepared to obey court orders.

“She describes you as “paranoid and controlling” and quite apart from five previous breaches of restraining orders you have been in front of the courts for offences of violence, robbery and harassment,” noted the judge.

Prosecutor Ffion Tomos told Mold Crown Court that between January 2017 and March this year Oswell breached the indefinite restraining order he was made subject to in February 2016 after his conviction for harassment offences against Ms Jones.

While still in prison he sent her a letter and on his release in February 2017 he made contact with her and the pair actually resumed their relationship for a time until Ms Jones sent Oswell a text in December last year saying she was finishing with him.

But Oswell refused to accept her wishes and texted Ms Jones asking to meet up before stalking her between February and March this year.

“He flipped and started making demands and sent her numerous messages, including “vroom, vroom” which made her fear he would damage her car,” said the prosecutor.

“Another message showed a photograph of her house with her vehicle outside and she was frightened at what he would do.”

Oswell was seen walking past Ms Jones’ home and going into her garden uninvited, while he was also spotted loitering outside a neighbour’s property.

When he was asked to leave he started shouting and screaming and appeared to be “foaming at the mouth”.

Ms Jones threw out Oswell’s clothing in bin bags, but he stepped up his intimidation by damaging her car, letting down two tyres and scratching “slut” into the paintwork.

“His victim was contacted by a friend of the defendant who claimed Oswell had access to a sword and acid and would kill whoever she was with,” said the Ms Tomos.

“He then went to her home address and was shouting and screaming at her accusing her of sending intimate photographs of herself on Snapchat.

“She was crying and begging him to stop, but he said he had acid in his pocket and would use it on any man who went near her house.”

On another visit Ms Jones’ son was alone in the house, but Oswell shouted “Ali if you don’t come out of the door I will blow it down to come and see you”.

When she returned she called the police, but he rode off on his bike only to come across his former partner again as she and her son made their way to the train station. Then he appeared to make a move to ride his bike at her, but she fended him off by telling him she would contact him later.

When he was arrested on April 14 Oswell said Ms Jones “had begged him to get back with her” and that she was “crafty and was playing mind games with him”.

In a victim personal statement read to the court Ms Jones said she had been “emotionally scarred” by Oswell’s harassment and she was left “always looking over her shoulder” and added: “I felt I was used and abused for the whole time we were together.”

Oswell, 38, of Wellington Road, Rhyl, pleaded guilty to two breaches of a restraining order and one of stalking.

The court was told he had 23 previous convictions for 48 offences, including two convictions in 2016 for harassing Ms Jones as well as five previous breaches of a restraining order.

Defence barrister Anna Price said that Oswell suffered from mental health issues and was seeking a diagnosis for schizophrenia.

“Some of his behaviour was prompted by the belief there was a future in the relationship,” said his counsel.