Ruthin primestock sale - July 2

RUTHIN Farmers' Auction reports sales of 1,818 prime lambs to 259.0ppk / £101; 1645 cull ewes and rams to £113 and three prime cattle to 259ppk / £1,352.70.

New season lambs:

Fewer supplies due to the recent trade and the weather.

The strongest lambs remained at a premium.

Contact Elfor Morris to discuss or just take your lambs along anytime between 6am and 10am.

Lambs are also required on Fridays.

Top priced:

Light lambs: 200.0ppk by T E Rowlands, Tyddyn Du and £62 by D Morris, Ty Coch.

Standard lambs: 259.0ppk by S L Jones, Bryn Pin and £101 by S L Jones, Bryn Pin.

Medium lambs: 235.4ppk by Heaton Farms, Trefnant and £95 G W Jones, Nant Erw Haidd.

Heavy lambs: 198.0ppk by I Owen, Hendre Arddwyfaen and £97 by Gwion Morgan, Tyn y Wern.

Light to 200.0, Average 191.9; Standard to 259.0, Average 193.6; Medium to 235.4, Average 194.9; Heavy to 198.0, Average 188.8; Overall Average 193.9; SQQ 194.3.

Cull ewes and rams (auctioneer - Paul Roberts):

There was a good entry. As with lambs, the strongest ewes were in demand.

Top price rams / ewes: £113.00 by Esmor Evans, Monfa; Charolais ewes to £113.00; Texel ewes to £95.00; Mule ewes to £87.00; Cheviot ewes to £80.00; Lleyn ewes to £75.00; Charolais rams to £75.00; Welsh rams to £50.00; Welsh ewes to £48.00; Overall ewes / rams average £38.65.

Prime cattle:

A quality show of cattle was in very keen demand, averaging 254.3ppk.

Top price per kilo was shown by T Edwards, Brithdir with his heifer achieving 259.0ppk.

The top priced heifer made £1,352.70 by Dyfed Roberts, Tyddyn Uchaf.

St Asaph livestock market - June 27

NEW season lambs (2,551):

A smaller entry, as expected with the harvest weather and drop in trade, met with a decent trade, especially the better lambs.

Top price Light 222p/kg shown by J M Jones, Bodeiliog and 71/head shown by the same vendor.

Top price Standard 250p/kg shown by H Bevan, Manor Farm and £95/head shown by D E Evans, Ty Mawr.

Top price Medium 250p/kg shown by M L Thomas, Bryn and £103.50/head shown by D E Evans, Ty Mawr.

Top price Heavy 217p/kg shown by W J Williams, Ty Dewi and £105/head shown by W L Hughes, Bryn Olwen; SQQ 199.59.

Light ave 192.38p/kg to 222.00p/kg to £71.00/hd; Standard ave 200.75p/kg to 250.00p/k to £95.00/hd; Medium ave 199.66p/kg to 251.00p/kg to £103.50/hd; Heavy ave 200.86p/kg to 217.00p/kg to £106.00/hd.

Old season lambs (29):

SQQ 137.52; Light ave 113.33p/kg to £34.00/hd; Standard ave 100.00p/kg to 106.00p/kg to £35.00/hd; Medium ave 152.86p/kg to 166.00p/kg to £72.00/hd; Heavy ave 109.47p/kg to £52.00/hd; Overweight ave 128.65p/kg to 140.00p/kg to £101.00/hd.

Cull ewes and rams (1,651):

A larger show of ewes after the previous week’s trade were quite difficult to sell, with only the best stronger ones meeting any demand.

Texel ewes to £110/head; Welsh ewes to £52/head; Tups to £100/head.

Ewes to £110.00, ave £61.25; Rams to £100.00, ave £53.77.

Beef cattle (6):

Heifers from H Roberts, Ty Croes sold to 185p/kg.

Heifers (6): Heavy ave 184.07p/kg to 185.00p/kg to £1,206.00/hd.

Mold primestock sale - July 1

NICE entries of bulls met good demand, which resulted in a brisk trade

There was a decent show of heifers, but a severe shortage of steers, with both sections meeting much improved trade and selling at good rates.

A good entry of 57 cull cows were met with a blistering trade for all types, with new buyers returning.

Only two beef cows were below 120p/k.

10 B & W cows 119p and over; 27 B & W cows 104p and over and just 3 B & W cows under 81p!

Highlights: Top 10 Beef 214.70 (1399.15); Top 20 Beef 206.50 (1345.53).

Prime Cattle (86 entries - 40 hfrs, 13 strs, 33 bulls):

Heifers (under 30m): Heavy Continental Heifers to 212 (1356.80), Av 188.78; Medium Continental Heifers to 225, Av 202.70; Light Continental Heifers to 224, Av 199.50; Medium Native Heifers to 200, Av 186.60; Light Native Heifers to 185, Av 167.50; Medium Friesian Heifers to 160, Av 160.

Steers (under 30m): Heavy Continental Steers to 198, Av 198; Medium Continental Steers to 198, Av 198; Heavy Native Steers to 188 (1316), Av 188; Medium Native Steers to 190, Av 183.50; Medium Friesian Steers to 182, Av 170.67; Light Friesian Steers to 150, Av 150.

Bulls (under 30m): Heavy Continental Bulls 215 (1548), Av 200.10; Medium Continental Bulls to 207, Av 184.40; Light Continental Bulls 196, Av 156.33; Heavy Native Bulls to 188, Av 188; Medium Native Bulls to 189, Av 187.33; Light Native Bulls to 180, Av 162.67; Medium Friesian Bulls to 126, Av 120.67; Light Friesian Bulls to 118, Av 103.

Heifers (30-36m): Heavy Continental Heifers to 180 (1305), Av 174; Medium Continental Heifers to 185, Av 175; Medium Native Heifers to 169, Av 169.

Steers (30-36m): Medium Friesian Steers to 135, Av 135.

Heifers (over 36m): Heavy Continental Heifers to 159, Av 134.38; Heavy Friesian Heifers to 120, Av 120.

Cull cows (57 entries - 38 dairy, 19 beef):

Lim cows to 159 (1200.45); Sal cow to 145 (1116.50); BA cow to 135 (999); Sim cow to 128 (896); Sal cow to 135 (877.50); WB cow to 122 (841.80); Her cow to 120 (846); Top 10 Beef Cows Av 135.20 (929.07); Overall beef cow av 123; BF Cow to 127 (1022.35); HF cow to 127 (965.20); MRI Cow to 124 (1016.80); BF cow to 122 (957); BH Cow to 122 (957.70); Ayr cow to 120 (822); Ho cow to 120 (882); Top 10 Dairy cows Av 122 (925.45); Top 20 Dairy cows Av 116 (830.71); Overall dairy cow av 104.30.

Lambs (277 entries): Standard to 195, Av 182.80; Medium to 208, Av 192.20; Heavy to 189, Av 182; Sqq 191.10.

Ewes: Ewes to 55, Av 55.

Bala market - June 27


New season lambs: Light (152) ave 178.7p/kg; Standard (163) ave 179.6p/kg; Medium (8) ave 166.0p/kg; SQQ 178.8.

Total cull ewes (4): Ave £48.00/hd.

Ruthin store and breeding sale - June 27

RUTHIN Farmers' Auction reports sales of 23 store cattle to £900.00; 55 calves to £435; 13 OTM cattle to £999; 21 cows with calves at foot to £2,100; Seven breeding bulls to £3,225; 50 new season store lambs to £77 and 21 ewe and lamb couples (125 head) to £120.00.

Calves (auctioneer: Dafydd Parry):

There were 55 calves forward.

Again, a lot of purchasers were ready to purchase.

There was a good selection of entries.

Many more could have been sold to meet demand, with a number of enquiries from purchasers for calves.

A consignment of quality 6 and 7 week old Limousin heifer calves from a regular vendor sold from £410 to £435.

Six-week Simmental x heifer calves were up to £230 and 3 week old Brit Blue calves to £335.

Another returning vendor had a consignment of young 2 week old British Blue heifer and bull calves, which sold up to £300.

4 week Friesian bull calves topped at £60

Calves are required.

Anyone looking to sell calves can contact Dafydd Parry on 07780 924460 with their entry prior to sale and to discuss the trade.

Anybody looking to purchase can also contact Dafydd to discuss the entries forward or add their number to the database to receive a text every Wednesday with the entries to hand.

Store cattle (auctioneers: Emyr Lloyd and Glyn Owens):

There was an increased entry on the week.

Heifers: 24m Blonde x to £840.00 by I A Jones, Ty Mawr; 26m Limousin to £820.00; 24m Brit Blue to £815.00.

Steers: 23m Blonde x to £900.00 by I A Jones, Ty Mawr; 16m Limousin to £870.00; 24m Blonde x to £795.00.

Cows and calves:

The advertised entry of cows and calves from Llys Farm and Hendre Glan Alwen had created a lot of interest pre sale.

Limousin 1st calver with lim x heifer calf to £2,100; Limousin x 1st calver with Lim x bull calf to £2,060; Charolais x 1st calver with lim x bull calf to £1,760; Brit Blue 1st calver with lim x heifer calf to £1,680; Limousin x 1st calver with lim x heifer to £2,080.

Further entries are invited weekly.

People can enter via the advertised entries page or contact the office on 01824 705000 if they prefer.


There was an increased entry of OTM cattle with more expected and required weekly to meet demand.

13 year old Limousin cow 135.0ppk; 6 year old Limousin cow to 134.0ppk; 12 year old Charolais cow to 122.0ppk; 4 year old British Blue cow to 120.0ppk.

If anyone has OTM cattle to sell, they can give a call with their entry or simply take the cattle in.

Breeding bulls:

Seven quality breeding bulls were pre-entered and forward.

Topping the prices was a 19-month-old Limousin bull from Esmor Evans selling for £3,225.

Mr Evans also had another Limousin bull, a 21 month old, achieving £3,097.50

The advertised entry from Hendre Glan Alwen, ‘Alwen Nidian’, achieved £2,677.50.

It was a very good overall trade on the bulls.

Sheep section:

Ewe and lamb couples (auctioneer: Paul Roberts):

There was also an increased entry on the week in the couples section.

Prices were up to: Texel £120 (singles); Mule £94 (singles); Welsh £90.

Store lambs:

There was an entry of good forward conditioned lambs, the first entry of the season.

More entries are required.

Contact Elfor Morris on 07867 977705 to discuss.

Suffolk lambs to £77; Cheviot lambs to £70; Suffolk lambs £68.

Dolgellau market - June 28

FARMERS Marts reports entries of 306 cast ewes, rams, hoggets and store lambs.

Prices: Welsh Cast Ewes to £38; Welsh Rams to £44; Speckled Face Cast Ewes to £38; Crossbred Cast Ewes to £50; Texel x Cast Ewes to £66.40; Welsh Store Lambs to £33; Crossbred Store Lambs from £37 to £47; Welsh Hoggets to £41.

St Asaph livestock market - June 29

NEW season lambs (20): Super Light ave 144.00p/kg to £36.00/hd; Light ave 156.17p/kg to 159.00p/kg to £50.00/hd; Standard ave 140.54p/kg to £52.00/hd.

Old season lambs (1): Medium to 75.00p/kg to £30.00/hd.

Old ewes (2): Ewes to £24.00/hd.

Breeding ewes (68): Suffolk X Mules to £90/head; Texels to £97/head.

Mold store sale - June 28

CALVES (122):

A large entry of 122 calves at the sale were met with a packed ringside of buyers, including numerous new buyers.

This resulted in a very fast trade for all types of calves from small processing B & W types to the best Continental and Native types.


Lim bulls to 390; Lim heifers to 360; Char heifers to 365; AA bulls to 390; AA heifers to 100; BR bulls to 285; BR heifers to 250; Sim bulls to 230; Sim heifers to 310; He bulls to 195; He heifers to 128; HF bulls to 102; Ho heifers to 175; Mo bulls to 70; BS bulls to 50.

Store cattle and stirks (168 entries):

A pleasing show for the time of year, with several new vendors showing cattle.

Trade was good on “in spec” types, but some smaller aged cattle would be harder work.

Sim steers to 1270; Br steers to 1130; Lim steers to 1055; Sim heifers to 1045; Ch steers to 1020; Lim heifers to 985; AA heifers to 885.

Cows and calves (8 entries):

AA Cow amd Lim bull calf to 1400 and 1290; BA Cow and AA bull calf to 1200 and 1170.

Breeding bulls (3 entries): Herefords to 1140; Aged lim to 1030.

Dairy (6 entries):

HF Cvd hfr to 1700; BF Cvd hfr to 1000; HF Incalf cow (2nd Calver) (due Feb 2020) to 1300; HF Incalf cow (4th calver) (due Feb 2020) to 1200.

Gaerwen market - June 25

MESSRS Morgan Evans & Co report an entry of 150 store cattle, three cows and calves, and 27 OTMs.

A good show of cattle was forward with stronger types achieving excellent prices in all sections.

OTMs topped at £1,396 for a strong Limousin commercial cow by O W Williams, Penrhyn, Llanfwrog.

Highest priced steers: £1105 by Mr J Griffiths, Cromlech, Tregele; £1085 by Mr J Griffiths, Cromlech, Tregele; £1070 by Mr J Griffiths, Cromlech, Tregele.

Highest priced heifers: £1070 by Mr J Griffiths, Cromlech, Tregele; £970 by D W Morris, Bronydd Uchaf, Llanllechid; £945 by Messrs G & A W Morris, Gwaen Gwial, Bethesda.

Highest priced OTM (p/kilo): 188ppk by O W Williams, Penrhyn, Llanfwrog; 170ppk by O W Williams, Penrhyn, Llanfwrog; 158ppk by O W Williams, Penrhyn, Llanfwrog.

Highest priced OTM overall: £1396 by O W Williams, Penrhyn, Llanfwrog; £1326 by O W Williams, Penrhyn, Llanfwrog; £1308 by O W Williams, Penrhyn, Llanfwrog.

Highest priced cows and calves: £1340 by R W Jones, Cae Isaf, Menai Bridge.

Market prices:

OTMs: Best cows from 119ppk to 188ppk; Others from 50ppk to 116ppk; Average 131ppk; Steers Overall Average £850; 12 month Charolais £950; 18 month Charolais £1105; 24 month Charolais £1105; 18 month Limousin £935; 24 months Limousin £865; 12 Months British Blue £1040; 18 month British Blue £965; 24 month British Blue £1055; 12 month Simmental £900; 12 month Hereford £855; 24 month Hereford £800; 12 month Friesian £580; 18 month Aberdeen £850

Heifers: Overall Average: £820; 12 month Charolais £935; 18 month Charolais £950; 24 month Charolais £1070; 12 month Limousin £870; 18 month Limousin £895; 24 month Limousin £905; 12 month British Blue £775; 18 month British Blue £740; 18 month Hereford £815; 24 month Hereford £900; 12 month Simmental £850; 18 month Simmental £670.

Welshpool market - July 1

BARREN and cull cows (19): Top price £1078.56; Average 111.02ppkg.

Cull ewes (1,847): Top Price £133 (ewes); Top price £77.57 (rams); Average £54.35 (ewes); Average £77.57 (rams).

Prime lambs (3,397): Top price £113; Average 194.26ppkg

Barren and cull cows:

A smaller number of OTM cattle were on offer, seeing a top price of £1078.56 (126ppkg) for a Charolais x OTM weighing in at 856kg from J & M Gethin, Tyn Y Rhos.

A G & G Rowlands, Tynpant made 127ppkg for a Blonde d’Aquitaine x weighing 704kg making £894.08.

Younger cows (48-72 months) topped at £850.85 (119ppkg) for a Welsh Black x weighing 715kg from A G & G Rowlands, Tynpant.

Heifers under 48 months topped at £845.60 (140ppkg) for a Limousin heifer weighing 604kg from E J & A J Roberts, Longlands.

Averages of the day were as follows: OTM cows (15) 110.08ppkg / £731.61; OTM bull (1) 99ppkg / £880.11; Cows 48-72 months (1) 119ppkg / £850.85; Heifers under 48 months (1) 140ppkg / £845.60; Bulls under 72 months (1) 106ppkg / £670.98; Overall average 111.02ppkg.

Prime lambs:

An entry of lambs forward sold to return an average of 194.26ppkg, with a top price of 221ppkg for pen of lambs weighing 43kg making £95 from AE Casewell, Bodynfoel, and £113/head for 53kg lambs from D Bowen, Better Hope Farm, Haverfordwest.

A similar number forward, which was pleasing considering the current good harvesting weather, sold to a slower trade than the previous Monday, with prices similar to other livestock markets later last week.

All weights of good quality, well fleshed lambs sold to a good competitive trade throughout, especially the heavier weight lambs, which improved through the sale.

With less heavier weight lambs coming onto the market trade for these types should remain strong.

Lighter weight lambs again sold to a two-tiered trade with good demand for the better bred, better fleshed lambs, but any poorer quality types were more difficult to sell.

Lights (285) to 209ppkg from J H Morris, Brynaber. Others to 208ppkg from DI Jones, Cwm. Average of 192.84ppkg.

Standards (1027) to 217ppkg from J Edwards, Mount Farm. Others to 216ppkg from D D & M J Evans, Pantywynthrew. Average of 191.38ppkg.

Mediums (1823) to 221ppkg from A E Casewell, Bodynfoel. Others to 220ppkg from E L Evans, Derlwyn. Average of 194.55ppkg.

Heavies (221) to 216ppkg from H G Ellis & Co, Tynywern. Others to 214ppkg from H G Ellis & Co, Tynywern. Average of 203.32ppkg.

Cull sheep:

There was a reduced entry of 1,809 ewes with an overall average of £54.35 (down £7.65), however there was an increased entry of Welsh type ewes.

The best ewes in the market peaked at £133, presented by C E Pryce, Yr Helyg.

Well fleshed Texel and Suffolk type ewes were selling at around £85-95.

The best meated Welsh were still a good trade, achieving £50-60. Meanwhile, the leanest small ewes were harder sold.

Well fleshed type mules were selling between £70-80.

The overall trade was slightly less buoyant.

An entry of 14 cull rams achieved an average of £77.57, up £8 on the previous week.

Texel x ewes up to £133; Suffolk x ewes up to £98; Mule ewes to £88; Welsh ewes to £70; Dolgellau type Welsh ewes to £50.

Knighton market - June 27


New season lambs: Medium (230) ave 195.1p/kg; Heavy (73) ave 197.5p/kg; SQQ 195.1.

Old season lambs: Medium (2) ave 135.5p/kg; Heavy (6) ave 123.0p/kg; SQQ 135.5.

Total cull ewes (148): Ave £54.10/hd.

Llanrwst market - July 2


Steers: Light (2) ave 185.5p/kg; Medium (4) ave 184.0p/kg; All steers ave 184.5p/kg.

Heifers: Light (1) ave 170.0p/kg; Medium (5) ave 174.2p/kg; All heifers ave 173.5p/kg; All prime cattle ave 179.0p/kg.


New season lambs: Light (36) ave 179.0p/kg; Standard (279) ave 186.1p/kg; Medium (202) ave 190.1p/kg; Heavy (10) ave 190.6p/kg; SQQ 187.2.

Total cull ewes (252): Ave £51.10/hd.

Dolgellau market - July 1


New season lambs: Light (642) ave 189.4p/kg; Standard (83) ave 182.4p/kg; Medium (3) ave 184.0p/kg; SQQ 188.5.