A CHURCH has completed its clean up operation after travellers left the site.

Kinmel Bay Church plans to install a height barrier and perimeter bollards to block any further unpermitted access to the site.

The travellers arrived on Friday, June 28 and left on July 3.

A spokesperson from Kinmel Bay Church said: “Since purchasing the land that the church currently stands on in 1993, we have never had any problems with travellers until this year.

“This last week is the second time we have had travellers on the site this year. Whilst we recognise the distress this has caused our neighbours on both occasions we have had good relations with the travellers, always trying to treat them as we would like to be treated.

“We were grateful that we didn’t have to use costly legal action to remove the travellers from site and they left having tidied up the majority of their rubbish.

“We have now cleaned and temporarily blocked the entrance to the car park with scrap cars from Tilery’s Garage, Kinmel Bay. “

The church expects the height barrier and bollards to be costly.

“We will be working with a local contractor and the town council to ensure these are in place asap,” the spokesperson added.

“We want to thank our neighbours and the community for their patience during what has been a frustrating time.”