A GROUP of nurses have taken to skies - via zip line - to raise funds for vital scanning equipment.

The eight strong group of Rhyl District Nurses have raised £1,855 towards the purchase of a Doppler equipment for the Awyr Las charity.

The Doppler is used to measure blood flow in patients' limbs, and is four times faster than manual scanning, helping check for how ulcers are healing.

To raise the funds, nurses Tracey Boka, Susan Worthington, Kerry Thomas, Ceri Evans, Paula Lea, Ros Dodd, Lesley Williams and Julie Pickman took the fastest route from the top to the bottom of Penrhyn Quarry, near Bethesda on the Velocity 2 Zip Line during Zip World and Mike Peters' ZipRoc event. Because the group raised more than £200, they were also given free entry to the one day festival.

Rhyl Journal:

Kerry Thomas, Ceri Evans, Paula Lea, Lesley Williams,Tracey Boka, Julie Pickman, Ros Dodd, Susan Worthington reach the bottom together

Ms Boka, team manager and organiser of the fundraiser said: "I wasn't to nervous before we went on, but a couple of the other nurses were to begin with.

"But everybody really enjoyed the ride. It's not uncomfortable like a rollercoaster, and the views were fantastic.

"The nursed had a great experience and would like to thank colleagues, friends, family, patients and businesses who have helped raise funds and provided support for the cause."

To help support the nurses raise funds fro the Doppler,

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