STAFF at a Vale of Clwyd charity are desperately appealing for support to stave of the “catastrophic” threat of closure.

The Abandoned Animals Association, which rehomes dogs and cats that have been mistreated and abandoned in the region from its site near Pydew Farm, Prestatyn, said it only has enough funds to continue for three months.

Over the years, a consistent pool of funding which guaranteed 12 to 18 months of operations has shrunk. The charity relies on contributions from the public, due in part to dwindling legacy donations in wills.

Manager Carol Roberts said: “It’s been a few years now since we’ve had a large legacy donation - it’s very much a sign of the times as people are becoming more and more squeezed financially.

“At the same time, we are getting more and more calls from people who can’t afford to care for their animals anymore.

“It would be catastrophic for the association to close its doors, and we’re devastated by the lack of funding.”

Rhyl Journal:

Carol Roberts at the Abandoned Animal Centre, Little Pydew. Picture: Kerry Roberts

Founded in 1986 by Olwen Edwards, the humane charity opened its rescue centre in Little Pydew in 2010, where it offers any animals unable to find a new home long-term residency, and operates a strict no-destruction policy in all cases with the exception of untreatable illnesses.

The shelter currently houses 13 dogs and eight cats – five of which are long-term residents - which would be in danger of becoming homeless once again should the charity close and they are unable to be homed at similar shelters.

Rhyl Journal:

Harrison is a Patterdale. He has been waiting for a few years for adoption. He was used for dog baiting, so was in a terrible state with puncture wounds and scabs. He is pictured with James Pritchard. Picture: Kerry Roberts

The shelter is currently at capacity for cats but has two more kennels for dogs, which are homed from across the North Was Coast, as well as parts of Cheshire and as far afield as Merseyside. The charity is consistently oversubscribed, and is typically filled close to capacity.

Chairperson Debbie Gale added: “On average it costs £300 a day to run the charity, which is a huge amount of pressure to have to fundraise.

“A new board of Trustees was formed in December, of which I am chair. It has been a huge challenge as we took over with between only four and five months money left. We are now six months down the line, withthree3 months left so we are doing something right, but we need more time”

“We desperately need public support, and if we act now it is not too late to save the animals in our care”

To help raise funds, the charity revamped and expanded its charity shop on Prestatyn High Street in February, and there are plans to open a new outlet store at Biz Parks, Greenfield, Holywell in the next coming weeks.

There is also a sponsored walk from North Wales Bowls Centre, Prestatyn to Splash Point and back on Sunday, July 21 at 9am open for supporters to raise money.

However, there are fears that this alone will not be enough.

Ms Roberts said: “The Prestatyn charity show has doubled it’s revenue in recent weeks, and we’re hoping that will continue as holidaymakers start coming to Prestatyn.

“But even with the new warehouse,these alone will not be enough.

“We’re certainly not going down without a fight – but we can’t keep going without the support of the public and we need that businesses in the area to help support us.”

Anyone seeking to volunteer or fundraise for the charity can contact email or call the shelter on 01745 857975. Donations can also be made via the shelter’s Facebook page, and bank details are available by calling the charity., you can do on our Facebook page or contact the rescue for the charities bank details.

Alternatively, contributions can be made via text . To donate £1 text ABAN004 to 70201. To donate £3 text ABAN004 to 70331. To donate £5 text ABAN004 to 70970. To donate £10 text ABAN004 to 70191.