STARS of a documentary about the gruelling world of female shearers competing at the world's most prestigious sheep shearing competition are coming to Ruthin and Caernarfon.

Female shearers from New Zealand, who appear in the “She Shears,” will give shearing classes to inspire young aspiring shearers at three agricultural colleges in Wales.

In the gruelling world of competitive sheep shearing there is no women’s section. Women and men compete together, blowing away stereotypes and sexism in the traditionally male world.

The inspiring women will be demonstrate their skills from 1pm - 3pm at Glynllifon College, Penygroes, Caernarfon, on Tuesday, June 18, they will be at Llysfasi College, Ruthin, on the same day, from 7pm - 9pm.

On Wednesday, June 19, from 1pm - 3pm, they will also be at Newtown College, Powys and will speak at a Women in Agriculture event in Aberystwyth on Thursday, June 20.

The ‘She Shears’ film investigates what drives women shearers to sacrifice to follow their dream to win The Golden Shears.

Two are legends of the sport: Emily Welch and Jills Angus Burney who is also a High Court barrister. For Jills and Emily, personal bests have been world records.

Encouraged to quit in her 50s by her orthopaedist Jills found a second career as a High Court barrister and solicitor, but couldn't be kept away from the Golden Shears, the world’s top shearing competition.

Emily Welch is one of New Zealand's first and most successful female shearers, and is the current World Record Holder for shearing 648 lambs in nine hours (overtaking Jills’ 2007 record).

Emily is mother to three small children and also finds the time to run her own shearing contracting company, coordinating shifts for dozens of contract shearers every season.

Central Otago shearer and wool handler Pagan Karauria returned to the Golden Shears last year following a horrific car accident that tragically killed two of her friends and left her with severe injuries. She also mentors other young women to become champion shearers.

To take part in the sessions, booking is essential and light refreshments will be provided half an hour before the classes.

For more information contact Farming Connect’s Service Centre 0845 6000 813 or visit the website