Ruthin primestock sale - June 11

RUTHIN Farmers' Auction reports sales of 2,151 Prime Lambs to 284.6ppk / £116; 351 cull ewes and rams to £100 and prime cattle to 240ppk / £1,147.50.

New season lambs:

There was a good entry on the week.

The strongest-type lambs were at a premium and they remained a strong trade.

Medium and heavier lambs also remained at a premium.

Contact Elfor Morris to discuss or just take your lambs to the auction anytime between 6am and 10am.

Top priced:

Light lambs: 212.9ppk by B Ll Evans, Nant y Garreg and £66 by the same vendor.

Standard lambs: 284.6ppk by J S Davies & Son, Derwen Deg and £111 by the same vendor.

Medium lambs: 263.4ppk by G J Walton & Partners, Llyn Tro and £108 by the same vendor.

Heavy lambs: 252.2ppk by G J Walton & Partners, Llyn Tro and £109 by the same vendor.

Light to 212.9, Average 202.8; Standard to 284.6, Average 202.8; Medium to 263.4, Average 211.9; Heavy to 252.2, Average 214.6; Overall average 208.3; SQQ 208.0.

Cull ewes and rams (auctioneer - Paul Roberts):

Top priced rams / ewes: £100.00 by Gwion Morgan, Tyn y Wern.

Beltex ewes to £100.00; Cross Bred rams to £95.00; Texel ewes to £90.00; Charolais rams to £75.00; Welsh ewes to £50.00; Overall ewes / rams average £57.90.

Prime cattle:

The entry of heifers sold to 240.0ppk for a 19 month old Limousin heifer from H J & F J Williams, Maes Gadfa, weighing in at 470kg and totalling £1,125.65.

Maes Gadfa had another Limousin heifer weighing in at 500kg achieving 230ppk / £1,147.50.

The heifers section averaged 234.3ppk.

St Asaph livestock market - June 6

NEW season lambs (2,904):

Another good entry forward were a good trade on the week, with the best lambs selling to a premium.

Top price Light 242p/kg shown by J S Williams, Tyddyn Isa and £75/head shown by the same vendor.

Top price Standard 308p/kg shown by E H Williams, Penybont and £118/head shown by the same vendor.

Top price Medium 265p/kg shown by D E Evans, Ty Mawr and £110/head shown by the same vendor.

Top price Heavy 243p/kg shown by J L Owen, Tanrallt and £116/head shown by the same vendor; SQQ 220.31.

Light ave 218.84p/kg to 242.00p/kg to £75.00/hd; Standard ave 220.97p/kg to 308.00p/kg to £118.00/hd; Medium ave 219.87p/kg to 265.00p/kg to £110.00/hd; Heavy ave 212.62p/kg to 243.00p/kg to £116.00/hd; Overweight ave 194.55p/kg to £107.00/hd.

Old season lambs (258):

A mixed show of hoggs sold to 200p/kg from E W Edwards, Ty Nant Gell.

Light ave 153.85p/kg to 167.00p/kg to £50.00/hd; Standard ave 158.69p/kg to 191.00p/kg to £70.00/hd; Medium ave 192.47p/kg to 200.00p/kg to £84.00/hd; Heavy ave 176.56p/kg to 188.00p/kg to £94.00/hd; Overweight ave 184.96p/kg to 198.00p/kg to £109.00/hd.

Cull ewes and rams (823):

A lot less ewes forward were a fair trade, with strong Texel ewes selling to £120/head, Welsh ewes to £50/head, mule ewes to £95/head and tups to £118/head.

Ewes to £120.00, ave £66.42; Rams to £118.00, ave £65.83.

Beef cattle (6):

More beef were forward with steers selling to 190p/kg and heifers to 185p/kg, both from H Roberts, Ty Croes.

Steers (3): Med to 190.00p/kg to £912.00/hd; Heavy to 185.00p/kg to £1036.00/hd.

Heifers (3): Heavy ave 189.61p/kg to 195.0p/kg to £1306.50/hd.

Barren cows (1):

Belgian Blue Cows to 130p/kg.

Mold primestock sale - June 10

THERE was a pleasing show of beef and cows.

Beef trade was harder work, despite a new buyer on bulls.

Cows met a brisk trade.

Lambs met an excellent demand, but trade was back on the week as expected.

Trade seemed well in line with other centres.

Highlights: Top 10 Beef 215p (1488.79); Top 20 Beef 211.05 (1405.65).

Prime cattle (129 entries - 55 hfrs, 37 strs, 37 bulls):

Heifers (under 30m): Heavy Continental Heifers to 205, Av 183; Medium Continental Heifers to 209, Av 190.65; Light Continental Heifers to 204, Av 190.40; Heavy Native Heifers to 168, Av 166.33; Medium Native Heifers to 185, Av 161.60.

Steers (under 30m): Heavy Continental Steers to 210, Av 186.75; Medium Continental Steers to 223, Av 201.80; Heavy Native Steers to 175, Av 171.25; Medium Native Steers to 210, Av 210; Light Native Steer to 176, Av 167.25; Heavy Friesian Steers to 156, Av 147.60; Medium Friesian Steers to 149, Av 140.33.

Bulls (under 30m): Heavy Continental Bulls 221 (1665), Av 204; Medium Continental Bulls to 215, Av 194.30; Light Continental Bulls 214, Av 204.33; Heavy Native Bulls to 165, Av 165; Medium Native Bulls to 200, Av 186.33; Light Native Bulls to 180, Av 170.50; Medium Friesian Bulls to 130, Av 129; Light Friesian Bulls to 150, Av 134.25.

Heifers (30-36m): Heavy Continental Heifers to 199, Av 199; Medium Continental Heifers to 196, Av 162; Heavy Native Heifers to 165, Av 163.50; Medium Native Heifers to 147, Av 147.

Steers (30-36m): Heavy Continental Steers to 172, Av 166; Medium Continental Steers to 180, Av 176; Light Native Steer to 170, Av 170.

Heifers (over 36m): Medium Continental Heifers to 123, Av 119.33; Medium Native Heifers to 145, Av 145.

Cull cows (48 entries - 20 dairy, 28 beef):

Young AA cow to 162 (1093.50); Lim Cow (7 yr old) to 158 (1137.60); Lim cow (13 yr old) to 155 (1232.25); AA Cow (4 yr old) to 145; ST cow (5 yr old) to 129 (1051.35); Overall beef cow av 123.70; Dairy cow to 116 (761.40), Av 102.60.

Lambs (262 entries):

Standard to 228, Av 202.40; Medium to 223, Av 206.60; Heavy to 213, Av 202; Sqq 205.80.

Llanrwst market - June 11

THE best lambs were still in demand, selling to £111 a head and 247ppk!

Lambs (559): Lights (11) to 200p, av 184p; Standards (313) to 223p, av 204p; Mediums (225) to 247p, av 212p; Heavy (10) to 222p, av 222p.

Ewes / rams (92):

Welsh ewes to £42; Xbred to £78; Welsh rams to £45.

Beef (9):

BB steers to 183p; Chx steers to 185p; OTM steers to 185p; OTM heifers to 186p.

Highest priced:

Lambs (per head & per kilo): Mynor Evans, Llwyn Goronwy, Carmel, Llanrwst.

Ewes: G Williams, Ty Newydd Garnedd, Llangernyw.

Beef: R Jones, Cae Isa, Menai Bridge, Anglesey.

Ruthin store and breeding stock sale - June 6

RUTHIN Farmers' Auction reports sales of 72 store cattle to £1,165.00; 78 calves and stirks to £630; 14 OTM cattle to £1,036.80; four breeding bulls to £2,205.00; eight cows with calves at foot to £1,600.00 and 145 ewe and lamb couples (298 head) to £178.00.

Calves (auctioneer: Dafydd Parry):

There was another excellent entry of calves, with various consignmenhts of British Blue, Limousin, Friesian and Hereford x on show.

A 5-week British Blue calf sold for £270.

There was also a strong 3-month-old Brit Blue bull calf selling for £430.

Another returning vendor had a consignment of British Blue and Aberdeen Angus calves selling to £355.

The Limousin consignments sold to £380 for a 5-week-old bull calf and £300 for a 10-week-old Limousin heifer calf.

A 3-week-old Charolais bull calf sold to £310 and a 5-week-old Aberdeen Angus x calf sold to £190, with strong 3-month-old Friesian bull calves achieving £230.

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Store cattle (auctioneers: Emyr Lloyd and Glyn Owens):

Heifers: 23m Charolais to £1,000.00 by J & D Hughes, Hendwr; 23m Limousin to £995.00; 19m Limousin to £885.00; 22m Simmental x to £880.00; 14m Limousin to £835.00.

Steers: 20m Brit Blue to £1,165.00 by J & D Hughes, Hendwr; 19m Brit Blue to £1,090.00; 16m Limousin to £1,140.00; 23m Limousin to £1,095.00; 10m Limousin to £1,080.00; 22m Blonde x to £975.00.

Cows and calves:

There were eight cows with calves at foot, with familiar and new faces looking to purchase.

Of the entries, British blue 1st calvers with 1 month old Limousin x heifer calves at foot sold from £1,460 to £1,600.

Hereford x 1st calvers with a 6 week old Brit Blue x calf advertised pre-sale sold for £1,310.


There was a very good trade on OTM cattle again.

44m Limousin cow to 166.0ppk; 36m Limousin cow to 162.0ppk; 144m Limousin cow to 144.0ppk; 37m Hereford cow to 130.0ppk; 110m Brit Blue cow to 128.0ppk; Averaging 132.1 ppk.

Breeding bulls:

A 41m Pedigree Limousin bull ‘Pabo Magic’ achieved £2,205.

A 17m Purebred Limousin bull from Cefn Naw Clawdd achieved £2,152.50.

A 25m Pedigree Limousin bull from Bryn Bod achieved £1,890.

Sheep section:

Ewe and lamb couples (auctioneer - Paul Roberts)

Vendors again came from far afield.

Prices were up to:

Texel £146 (singles), £178 (twins); Mule £152 (singles); Speckled £82 (singles), £90 (twins); Welsh £94 (singles), £102 (twins); Cross bred £116 (singles).

Gaerwen sale - June 5

MESSRS Morgan Evans & Co report an entry of 1636 lambs, 85 hoggets and 887 cull ewes and rams.

Lambs met a solid trade despite the national average taking a downward turn at the beginning of the week, topping at 316ppk.

Fewer hoggets were forward, selling to a steady trade.

Cull ewes and rams met a brisk trade topping at £148 for two Beltex and Charollais cull rams by R A Hughes, Henblas, Llanfechell and £100 for two Texel ewes by Messrs J & H Thomas, Bryn Garth, Llanerchymedd.

Market prices:

Highest priced pen of lambs p/kg: 316ppk by A Hughes, Plas Newydd, Llanbabo; 302ppk by A Hughes, Plas Newydd, Llanbabo; 282ppk by G Taylor, Bryn Glas, Llanrhuddlad.

Highest priced pen of lambs overall: £133 by A Hughes, Plas Newydd, Llanbabo; £121 by A Hughes, Plas Newydd, Llanbabo; £112.50 by Pritchard Bros, Ynys Fawr, Llanerchymedd.

Highest priced pen of hoggets p/kg: 168ppk by D V Evans, Garnedd, Pengreigwenl; 156ppk by J Parry, Ty Mawr, Llantrisant; 151ppk by R W Jones, Cae Isaf, Porthaethwy.

Highest priced pen of hoggets overall: £86 by J Parry, Ty Mawr, Llantrisant; £80 by J Jones & Sons, Llywenan Farms, Bodedern; £75 by J H Williams, Penygroes, Brynsiencyn.

Highest priced overall pen of ewes: £100 by W J & H Thomas, Bryn Garth, Llanerchymedd; £91 by R W Jones, Cae Isaf, Porthaethwy; £86 by E G Williams, Ty Mawr, Llanbeulan.

Highest priced overall ram: £148 by R A Hughes, Henblas, Llanfechell; £116 by W A Owen, Bryn Du, Bodedern; £80 by A R Jones, Graianfryn, Llanfachraeth; £80 by J A Jones, Rhandir Mwyn, Llangristiolus.

Market averages:

Lambs (1,636): Average 222ppk; Lights to 203ppk, Average 203ppk; Standards to 281ppk, Average 221ppk; Medium to 316ppk, Average 223ppk; Heavy to 216ppk, Average 202ppk; Overs to 200ppk, Average 200ppk.

Hoggets (85): Average 117ppk; Lights to 151ppk, Average 151ppk; Standards to 168ppk, Average 135ppk; Medium to 131ppk, Average 128ppk; Heavy to 134ppk, Average 134ppk; Overs to 156ppk, Average 117ppk.

Ewes (866): Average £58; Heavy Ewes to £100, Average £77; Light Ewes to £39, Average £31.

Rams (21): Average £70; All rams to £148.

Mold stock sale - June 7

TRADE for cattle was in line with previous weeks.

A large show of dairy drew a big crowd of buyers.

Meanwhile, a special entry of dairy heifer calves drew significant interest.

More calves were forward and there was a strong trade throughout for all types.

Suckler cattle (12 entries): Sim Cow (5yo) with Sim bull calf (7m) to 1800; Pie Cow (4yo) with Lim hfr calf (6m) to 1710; Lim cow (4yo) with Lim hfr calf (5m) to 1670; BB hfr with Lim Bull calf (2m) to 1500; BB hfr with Lim hfr calf (2m) to 1480.

Store cattle (108 entries):

Here str (24m) to 1180; Char str (21m) to 1045; Lim str (22m) to 1040; BR str (22m) to 1030; HER str (21m) to 1025; AA str (19m) to 895; BF str (20m) to 790; Monty str (21m) to 770; HF str (21m) to 960; BR hfr (23m) to 970; BA hfr (22m) to 935; Lim hfr (21m) to 900; CHAR hfr (22m) to 880; Sim hfr (21m) to 840; AA hfr (20m) to 785; HER hfr (24m) to 870.

Stirks (103 entries):

Lim str (11m) to 920; Char str (11m) to 830; Lim str (10m) to 810; SAL str (11m) to 775; BF str (14m) to 690; Here str (14m) to 690; HF str (11m) to 405; Lim hfr (11m) to 800; BR hfr (11m) to 780; SIM hfr (12m) to 750; CHAR hfr (11m) to 705; BA hfr (12m) to 665.

Dairy (65 entries):

Heifers: HF cvd hfr to 1900, others to 1820, 1680, 1600.

Cows: HF cvd cow (2nd) to 1650, others to 1600, 1550, 1450.

Dairy calves: Kiwi X calves (3m) to 400; Jersey calves (3m) to 390; BF X calves (2m) 290.

Calves (79 entries): BR bull to 400; Sim bull to 395; Lim bull to 355; Char bull to 315; HER bull to 255; AA bull to 195; BF bull to 122; HF bull to 65; SIM hfr to 380; BB hfr to 315; WB hfr to 280; LIM hfr to 265; AA hfr to 220; HER hfr to 185.

St Asaph livestock market - June 8

NEW season lambs (34):

Lambs to 185p/kg from C Williams, Llys y Gwynt.

Light ave 182.76p/kg to £53.00/hd; Standard ave 184.21p/kg to £70.00/hd; Medium ave 150.57p/kg to 184.00p/kg to £85.00/hd.

Old season lambs (19):

Medium ave 66.67p/kg to £30.00/hd; Heavy ave 114.89p/kg to £54.00/hd; Overweight ave 107.27p/kg to £59.00/hd.

Old ewes (2):

Ewes to £58.00 ave £49.00.

Ewe and lamb couples (64):

Welsh Mule Singles to £140/head; Welsh Doubles to £112/head and Singles to £101/head; Texel Doubles to £145/head and Singles to £148/head.

Machynlleth sale - June 12


New season lambs: Light (172) ave 205.5p/kg; Standard (201) ave 212.9p/kg; Medium (52) ave 207.8p/kg; SQQ 209.3.

Total cull ewes (23): Ave £35.50/head.

Bryncir sale - June 12


Cull cows: Dairy sired (1) ave 80.0p/kg; Beef sires (10) ave 116.4p/kg; All cull cows ave 114.6p/kg.


New season lambs: Light (218) ave 192.5p/kg; Standard (419) ave 199.7p/kg; Medium (215) ave 206.5p/kg; SQQ 206.5.

Old season lambs: Standard (2) ave 128.6p/kg; SQQ 128.6.

Total cull ewes (326): Ave £66.80/head.

Dolgellau sale - June 10


New season lambs: Light (242) ave 219.9p/kg; Standard (101) ave 212.5p/kg; Medium (1) ave 191.0p/kg; SQQ 217.6.

Gaerwen sale - June 4

MESSRS Morgan Evans & Co report an entry of 220 store cattle, 32 OTMs and eight cows and calves.

A varied selection of cattle were on offer with all types selling to a fast trade.

OTMs met a solid trade and a keen demand for cows and calves.

Highest priced steers: £1125 by I W Evans, Rhosydd Ganol, Caergeiliog; £1080 by W J & H Thomas, Bryn Garth, Llanerchymedd; £1060 by W W & R W Willliams, Dinas Farm, Bontnewydd.

Highest priced heifers: £1280 by W P & O Evans, Bodwrdin, Soar, Bodorgan; £1180 by W P & O Evans, Bodwrdin, Soar, Bodorgan; £1170 by W P & O Evans, Bodwrdin, Soar, Bodorgan.

Highest priced OTM p/kilo: 140ppk by W Hughes, Ty Mawr Llan, Gaerwen; 137ppk by C S Owen, Barrach Bach, Llangian; 127ppk by E V Owen, Cefn Poeth, Llangefni.

Highest priced OTMs overall: £1254 by M Owen, Bryn Beuno, Ceunant, Llanrug; £1127 by E R Jones, Cott Farm, Llanrhuddlad; £1122 by E V Owen, Cefn Poeth, Llangefni.

Highest priced cows and calves: £1500 by J T Jones, Cefn Du Mawr, Brynteg; £1400 by J T Jones, Cefn Du Mawr, Brynteg; £1350 by W J Williams, Prysgol, Caeathro.

Market prices:

OTMs: Best cows from 120ppk to 140ppk; Others from 60ppk to 115ppk; Average 105ppk.

Cows and calves: From £840.00, to £1500.00; Average £1180.00.

Steers: Overall average £720; 12 month Charolais £910; 18 month Charolais £1000; 24 month Charolais £1125; 12 month Limousin £955; 18 month Limousin £1080; 12 month British Blue £650; 24 month British Blue £1060; 12 month Simmental £610; 24 month Simmental £1060; 24 month Blonde £1010; 12 month Hereford £835; 18 month Hereford £780; 24 month Hereford £810; 12 month Friesian £500; 18 month Friesian £680; 24 month Friesian £820; 12 month W/Black £625; 24 month W/Black £900; 18 month Saler £990.

Heifers: Overall average £766; 12 month Charolais £840; 18 month Charolais £1030; 24 month Charolais £1000; 12 month Limousin £1170; 18 month Limousin £1280; 24 month Limousin £1180; 12 month British Blue £620; 18 month British Blue £940; 24 month British Blue £910; 12 month Hereford £770; 18 month Hereford £710; 24 month Friesian £500; 12 month W/Black £510; 24 month W/Black £1120; 24 month Saler £1035; 12 month Stabiliser £780; 18 month Stabiliser £1000; 24 month Stabiliser £995.

Welshpool sale - June 10

Barren and cull cows (39):

A larger number of OTM cattle were on offer, seeing a top price of £1188.37 (151ppkg) for a Charolais OTM weighing in at 787kg from Roberts & Jones, Parc.

M P B Ashton & Son, Belan Ddu made 150ppkg for a Limousin x weighing 641kg, making £961.50.

Younger cows (48-72 months) topped at £1444.32 (144ppkg) for a Charolais weighing 1003kg from Roberts & Jones, Parc.

G E Davies & Sons, Caesiencyn made 138ppkg for a Simmental x weighing 674kg, making £930.12.

Heifers under 48 months topped at £768.15 (135ppkg) for a Limousin x heifer weighing 569kg from R G & E M & P G Roberts, Ty Mawr.

Averages of the day were as follows:

OTM Cows (26) 118.42ppkg / £760.11; OTM Bull (1) 147ppkg / £1459.71; Cows 48-72 Months (9) 125.82ppkg / £852.09; Heifers Under 48 months (2) 127.33ppkg / £695.86; Steers Under 48 months (1) 160ppkg / £896; Overall Average 122.61ppkg.

Prime lambs (3,050):

A smaller entry of lambs forward sold to return an average of 212.33ppkg, with a top price of 252ppkg for a pen of lambs weighing 36.5kg making £92 from J L Andrew, Trewern, and

£107.50/head for 52kg lambs from H G Ellis & Co, Tynywern.

Less numbers on offer sold to a similar trade to the previous week with strong competitive bidding for the well fleshed better quality types of lamb on offer.

In most demand were the heavier weight 40kg-plus lambs due to less of these types being on offer, as vendors have sold lambs earlier and at lighter weights.

Overall, trade has settled around the 200-220ppkg level, but with numbers of hoggets now very low and most people being well on top of their lamb numbers, trade hopefully will increase.

Fewer lighter weight lambs were on offer, which sold to a mixed trade with the better bred, meated lambs selling very strongly but the leaner types selling around 200ppkg.

Lights (248) to 214ppkg from G O & J A Jones, Wern Farm. Others to 212ppkg from DG Jones, Cefnhir Fawr. Average of 202.6ppkg.

Standards (905) to 252ppkg from J L Andrew, Trewern. Others to 249ppkg from TE Davies, Birchen House. Average of 212.04ppkg.

Mediums (1742) to 249ppkg from B E & B E Langford, Llettymeibion. Others to 239ppkg from J G & M W A Clayton, Great Brimmon. Average of 213.47ppkg.

Heavies (136) to 217ppkg from D S W Jones & Co, Llwynderw. Others to 208ppkg from A E Casewell, Bodynfoel. Average of 204.88ppkg.

Prime hoggets (185):

A smaller entry of hoggets forward sold to return an average of 157.97ppkg, with a top price of 176ppkg for pen of hoggets weighing 42.5kg making £75 from A S Hopley, Kingsleigh

Farm, and £101/head for 75kg hogget from G W Pryce, Boundary Cottage.

An end-of-season entry found a varied trade with most demand for the better meated hoggets.

Plenty of leaner end-of-season hoggs on offer, which were harder sold.

Lights (3) to 175ppkg from L K & G Davies, Hillcroft. Others to 168ppkg from DHM Evans & Son, Fron Farm. Average of 159.55ppkg.

Standards (24) to 173ppkg from R S Kinsey, Upper Aldress. Others to 169ppkg from AS Hopley, Kingsleigh Farm. Average of 162.18ppkg.

Mediums (35) to 176ppkg from A S Hopley, Kingsleigh Farm. Others to 160ppkg from GW Pryce, Boundary Cottage. Average of 155.36ppkg.

Heavies (15) to 137ppkg from A K & R C Tudor, Lower Heblands. Others to 130ppkg from R G Francis, Tyntwll. Average of 127.61ppkg.

Cull sheep (1,543):

As expected there was a smaller entry of 1,504 cull ewes with an overall average of £54.59.

Generally there was a slightly better trade compared to the previous week, even though the average was slightly less, but the ewes present were generally smaller.

There were not many heavy Suffolk x ewes present as seen in previous weeks.

That resulted in an improved trade on the week, with the best of these reaching £90 mark.

The best meated Welsh ewes were certainly dearer with the best Dolgellau type Welsh ewes reaching a very respectable £57.

Top price of the day of £120 went to E L Andrew, Trewern Cottage for Texel x ewes and to D T A Williams, Upper Bolbro.

An entry of 26 cull rams averaged £58.33 with the best reaching £90 from B D & H M Jones, Waen.

Cows and calves (37):

An entry forward of 37 cows and calves was a little bit down on quality compared to the last few weeks, with quite a few British Blue x Friesian outfits around, which seem a little out of favour these days unless the calf is a good one.

Nevertheless, quality was still well sought after with a top price of £3,200 being achieved for a Limousin x 1st calver with her Lodge Hamlett-sired heifer calf from I P Jones, Maestyddyn, Cerrig-y-Drudion.

From the same home were two further excellent outfits selling

for £2,200 and £2,020.

Presented by J E & J T Evans & Son, Upper Cefn Penarth, were 4 Limousin x 1st calvers with 3 bull and 1 heifer calves at foot which sold to a top of £2,140 to average £1,872.50.

From R W Owen, Geirn, Anglesey were 5 Limousin x 2nd calvers with Limousin x calves at foot which sold to a top of £2,250 with other notable prices of £2,200 and £2,000.

Presented by D P & R E Evans, Moelygarth were 4 Limousin x 1st calvers with Limousin calves at foot which sold to £2,100 and averaged £1,955 whilst 2nd calvers with Limousin calves at foot sold at £1,950 and £1,880.

A breakdown of all prices achieved were as follows:

£2300+ 1 Lot; £2000-2300 8 Lots; £1800-2000 8 Lots; £1600-1800 9 Lots; £1400-1600 6 Lots; £1200-1400 3 Lots; <£1200 3 Lots.


A smaller entry of 250 ewes and lambs sold to an overall average of £74.07 per life, and £154.58 per unit.

Texel hoggs with singles sold to £222 from J Lewis, Penyffynnon, with a Texel hogg with twins selling to £208 from the same home.

Mule hoggs with singles sold to £185 from J V Davies & Co, Garth Fawr.

A Mule hogg with twins sold to £175 from F Bailey, Pensarn.

Suffolk hoggs with singles peaking at £202 from TM Davies, Wynnstay Farm.

There was a smaller entry of ewes, with Texel ewes from G O & J A Jones, Wern Farm peaking at £200 for a Texel with a double.