A FAKE account impersonating MP Chris Ruane has been reported to Facebook.

Mr Ruane, MP for Vale of Clwyd, has warned constituents and friends not to follow or become friends with the fake account, which shows the same profile picture as his own.

Mr Ruane posted: "Please be aware that there appears to be another 'Chris Ruane' account sending out friends requests.

"I haven't set up a new account or sent out friends request so please delete anything that you might receive.

"I've also reported the fake account so hopefully it will get dealt with ASAP."

The Journal received a message from the fake account, which stated: "I'm just so happy with every single thing going on in my life right now. I was wondering if you have heard about the ongoing Department of Health and Human Services?"

Anyone who has accepted a friend request from the fake account should 'unfriend' the person and block the account, otherwise if a request is received - delete it.

Anyone who sees an account that's pretending to be someone they know or a public figure - for an example a celebrity, politician - should report the profile to Facebook.