ALARM has been raised after a dog walker came across an area of beach covered in what has been described as a bituminous type material.

The area covered is by Rhyl Splash point. The photo was captured today (Tuesday) at about 10.30am.

Although the source of the heavy, almost solid expanse is unknown, there is suggestions it is from a ship washing its tanks. Others claim it is like 'clay' and gets covered/uncovered by the sand.

Tom Patterson, who snapped the photograph, said: "A large expanse of pristine beach has been covered with a heavy, almost solid expanse of bituminous type material, obviously from a ship washing its tanks. It is the first time I've noticed it. 

"I am currently dog sitting for a friend who is on holiday and I take the dog along the stretch of dog friendly beach from Old Golf Road towards Splash Point.

"These beaches are an excellent resource and the public, especially dog owners, treat them with care and respect.

"I was alarmed to come across this bituminous mass material this morning.

"I find our beaches particularly clean and well cared for. Very little plastic waste is in evidence, unlike some places."

A spokesperson for Denbighshire County Council said: “We are aware of this and are working closely with Natural Resources Wales (NRW) to investigate this material.”  

NRW have been approached for comment.