A SIX-foot fence put in place to deter vandals has been damaged.

The newly installed fence was put around the bowling green at the Botanical Gardens.

In March, the Journal reported that Sunny Rhyl Bowling Club - who were behind the fence - would deter offenders. The bowling green has dents, caused by people who “deliberately” cycle over the grass with bikes and motorbikes, and had become a ‘hot spot’ for school flights.

Mike Stanley, who has been president of the club for 10 years, said: "It is unbelievable. It has been dented in several places. It will cost £800, £900 to repair.

Rhyl Journal:

Mike has been president of the club for 10 years. Picture: Geoff Abbott

"The green has improved no end since April but it will take a year to improve fully. Thankfully, no one can cycle across the green now."

Grants of £11,000 were secured for the fence.

Efforts are being made by the club, which was established 82 years ago, to return to its glory days. The Journal supported an appeal to attract new bowlers and the club now has 25 members.

Mike added: "We are delighted, we've gone from nine to 25. People have been in touch saying that if the green continues to improve, they will join next year."

Anyone with information relating to the damage is asked to telephone police on 101. Quote reference X077267.

Anyone interested in joining the bowling club can come down to the green or can telephone Mike on 01745 354279.