TRANSATLANTIC rowing record-holder Kiko Matthews gave her support to volunteers undertaking a double beach clean.

About 40 people turned up in Rhyl for the afternoon event, where 40kg of rubbish was collected - including a discarded central heating water pump.

Rhyl Journal:

Carl Hayman (former NZ All-Black), Cllr Tony Flynn, mayor of Prestatyn, Kiko Matthews, Rotarian Pete Dop, Rotary President Tony Morgan. Picture: Chris Porteous

About 85 volunteers turned out to the Prestatyn evening clean and impressive 128kg of waste was picked up as well as an unusual find - a childs' ski boot

Kiko, who became the fastest woman to row solo across Atlantic in 2018, visited the beaches as part of her tour of the UK coastline. The project will see her cycle 7,200km of the UK's coastline to lead beach cleans in more than 70 locations in the hope of making a dent in plastic pollution.

Rhyl Journal:

A small sample of the waste collected. Picture: Chris Porteous Prestatyn

Kiko said: "This challenge has been about creating awareness for the problem of plastic pollution in our oceans and it's been amazing to see the support by so many organisations along the way.

Rhyl Journal:

Carl and Kiko searching the beach groynes for plastic waste. Picture: Chris Porteous Prestatyn

"We're helping to magnify the conversation and leave communities equipped to continue the challenge once we've left.

"It was amazing to see such a large and varied turnout for the beach clean for a cause that is so important and great to have removed so much waste."

Kiko was accompanied by former New Zealand All-Black Carl Hayman.

Rhyl Journal:

Rhyl Town Mayor Ellie Chard, Kiko Matthews and cllr Keith Jones, Rhyl Town Councillor and leader of the #PlasticFreeRhyl group

In a joint statement, Peter Dop of the Plastic Free Prestatyn movement and Keith Jones, Rhyl Town Councillor and leader of the #PlasticFreeRhyl group, said "We were delighted Kiko chose to visit us as part of her Kik Plastic tour and we were able to give her such a warm Welsh welcome, especially those who turned up for their first ever beach clean."