A 26-WEEK suspended sentence imposed on a youth for having a knife has been activated because just over a month later he held another offensive weapon – a broken chair leg.

Joshua Byrne, 18, was clasping it when he called police in the early hours to River Street, Rhyl, where he was in an agitated state and in a row with a neighbour who he claimed had a knife.

The story was told by Diane Williams prosecuting at Llandudno, when Byrne pleaded guilty to having the chair leg and being in breach of a suspended sentence.

His solicitor Nia Dawson said Byrne, now of Abbey Street, Rhyl, stated he had been frightened when he called police.

At the weekend hearing he was given a four-week sentence which would run concurrently with the activated suspended term.

Chairman Trevor Ashenden told him: “We have no option but to activate the suspended sentence.

"This new offence has been committed only five and a half weeks after you were given the suspended sentence for a comparable offence of carrying an offensive weapon.”