FIRST Minister Mark Drakeford plans to hold further Welsh government cabinet meetings in North Wales.

He outlined the plan during a visit to Conwy Castle to mark an Easter boom in tourism. The castle saw its biggest increase in visitor numbers over Easter.

Mr Drakeford held a cabinet meeting at Llandudno Junction last February. This was only the second time the cabinet has met in North Wales, the previous occasion was in 2011.

Mr Drakeford said: “The reason for holding the cabinet here was to make sure we are able to demonstrate in this part of Wales, that things that matter to local people and the things that preoccupy them are known about, talked about and are at the forefront of what the Welsh government is doing.”

He thought the February meeting was a successful experiment and said: “It was great to be here, it was great to bring other cabinet members here. My colleague Ken Skates will be chairing another North Wales cabinet meeting in the beginning of June and I look forward to coming back with the full cabinet later in the year.”

Commenting on whether the entire Assembly should meet in North Wales, Mr Drakeford added: “I remember the very first Assembly when there was a North Wales committee that met every month, and the then First Minister Rhodri Morgan would come every month. There were regional committees all around Wales and the North Wales one was the only successful one.

“Literally hundreds of people used to turn up to it, and it was because it was an opportunity for people to put their point of view, raise the things that matter directly with politicians.

“Now the decision on where the Assembly meets is one for the presiding officer, not for me. But she has said recently she would explore the Assembly meeting in other parts of Wales, and I’m certainly prepared as the First Minister to work positively with her on that idea.”