CAR OWNERS have been urged to lock their vehicles after a spate of thefts in Rhyl.

As many as 20 cars have been targeted in the town this month, the majority of which were left unlocked.

North Wales Police has advised residents in Denbighshire to make sure their vehicles are secure because otherwise "opportunist" thieves are encouraged to break in.

Chief inspector Andrew Williams said: “We have recently seen a series of thefts from motor vehicles in the Rhyl area, which involved a certain pattern; that is that the majority of the vehicles in question had been left insecure.

“Thefts of this nature are often opportunist and leaving a vehicle insecure even for a small amount of time is tantamount to placing a sign in the window saying, ‘help yourself.’

“People work hard for their possessions, but in an instant they can lose everything. The frustration is that this is more often than not very easily preventable by simply securing their vehicles and houses by clicking or turning a key.”